Relationships and Attachment

Sorry about that, fiddler on the roof. I am such a hypocrite. Getting hooked on the assumptions, blaming, projecting, neglecting my task is pathetic. Why do I blame big money, when all is altruism? I try to stick to regular routines, but the tides kick in. I will surely be punished for these posts, by myself. “Shame is the shadow of love.” -PJ Harvey

There is too much information out there to stay informed of everything going on in the world. It’s impossible. That is why focusing primarily on the love, relationships and attachments is enough, although it can be more intense than escaping into abstract scenarios outside one’s personal life. Even if I tried to follow the news, which I don’t, I would need a way to filter the information to decide what to believe. One cannot search anything accurate online, because it is triaged. Search engines are programmed to balance ethical training and rest, towards someone else’s agenda, not to liberate. How do we choose what information is true and when it is wise to expand our focus to things outside our individual realm of experience? Luong Por Sumedho calls it consciousness or intuitive awareness.

First and foremost, why do you want to stay informed? What is your intention? To learn something new? To be conversant about current events? To impress others? Of course the former motivations are more noble than the later, but unless we know how to decipher what information is true, it doesn’t really matter what our intention is. We must be able to connect with the intention latent in the information itself and then wisdom in inexhaustible. We are in the age of AI. The STEM curriculum of American schools hands out free Chromebooks and requires kids to turn their books back in. The government is not being stingy here. Implants will be on the way if kids aren’t paying attention. In my local school, Homeroom is not called “Intervention.”

Finding someone to trust and being trustworthy is the best news generated. Can another human being serve as an icon for the holy creator? How can we be receptive to information others possess, rather than merely project our fantasies into the bond we share? What religion is better, IT or remorse? Karma and reincarnation is not a theory. It is a family reunion.

Does information have intention latent within it? Yes. Phenomena. Information is another word for Spirit, and we can surrender to the inner essence of forms and systems by using our twelve senses as an oracle, a sort of prayer to the beloved. This is basic Anthroposophy. Otherwise there are safeguards overseeing the learning process. Parents inherited a materialistic worldview in the west. Eastern countries have colonized the west spiritually, while capitalism has invaded the east financially. Thankfully there is also a thirteen themed solution, synonymous with “mano vinyana” in Buddhism, the great love of God, which provides spaciousness and patience and sanctifies our possessive attachments and codependent desires. We have consumed enough new learning when we realize change is not up to us and we should strive to protect, maintain and celebrate only.

All spirit/matter has intention, a will of its own. All forms have energy fields, spiritual auras that can be read with the senses. There are four spiritual realms of embodied form. One is purely physical-minerals (geometry). One is the life germ-plants (rhythm, seasons, seed), and the other is aesthetics-the kingdom of sentient visible and audible creatures who experience body and emotion, likes and dislikes, dream/feeling life (social relationships). These beings, over the course of evolution, generously paved the way for humanity to synthesize all realms, bandhas, chakras and nadhis, by suffering. To surrender to loving another human being, and devotedly wishing for their freedom and well-being, there is nothing higher than this. It is wholesome attachment to place one’s beloved on the throne, for the human spirit is none other than the Great Spirit still largely asleep, number four (heart).

That’s what information means-to be formed from within. Unless we can put ourselves in the shoes of the spirit behind forms, we cannot trust our ability to discern truth. But what gives us this right to trespass? Not knowing is just as good without an invitation or right intention. Intentions are more clear when we conceive information by reasoning with our own life experience, rather than reading a news article, or taking voluntary action which is not guided by the hand of nature itself merely sustaining itself. Pleasure is dispensable and secondary to this imperative of putting the others well being before one’s own. Abstinence gives rise to a higher form of pleasure, sharing, transparency and consensus. This attitude, awareness, is not controlling; it sets us free by loving, even if the other person, or our conscious invention of them, never knows how much we struggle to protect their vulnerable heart.

So, the partner occupies a unique position in our biography. The transmutation of of lust is monogamy, through inquiry and consent. In addition to liberating romantic relating, we have friendships. In the context of everyday life, we can meet intentions by observing their causes and effects and often find godly, benevolent interest. We don’t know through the senses. We un-know through the senses to put the real God back in his place, mystery and togetherness watching over us and uniting us. An example of this kind of sussing out which friends are trustworthy is exaggerated when, for example, we explore which news source to check for currents, or what groceries to foster. These mundane activities are the stage where friendship plays out, not only with other humans but with ancestors and future generations as well, until community develops.

Is there a conflict of interest here? The internet is not going anywhere. Neither is ordinary life. I have been writing over and over about letting go, enjoying solitude etc. There is a conflict, but  for me it is worth the pain it causes, to love with the tension that includes, rather than than deny the way I feel. Pronouns is the conflict. If I could comprehend what I and you mean, then I would seek distraction. There were tribes in the Sahara before the rise of the great city of Alexandria where females ruled. They were likely just as cruel as any man.

Is wholesome attachment a deeper kind of love than unconditional love? We can let each other off the hook by trying to make our jailers proud. Fascist business people want to stay home with their families too, rather than working 60 hours per week to snow plow citizens who aren’t ecologically responsible. Putting care of my physical health first, I can join the movement of slowing down. Her kindness was developed in part as a result of his bizarre life. I choose karma, because the great mother spoils me. Affliction is the one making me highly sensitive to hostility, alone again, thanks to my guardian angels.

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