The Sacred Feminine and Trauma

Because we all have a body and a mind, we carry the trauma of all our ancestors within us, the trauma of being abandoned by our fathers because our mothers tried to control them. This trauma is wired into the human organism, but through working with this sacred marriage of body and mind, the technology of the psyche can be upgraded. Concepts are a very small part of this process. Working with the body, which is much older and wiser, we can help educate our the emotional and contemplative faculties. When the mind is not taken for granted, we discover its nature is innately kind. Through paying attention to the body, we restore the calm clarity which is the mind’s natural state.

The reptilian part of the brain is so old, and the emotional and cognitive centers are so young, it is hard for humans overcome our old wounds and enjoy the moment. Sadly it comes more easily for us to seek pleasure and avoid pain, and to justify the poor behavior of our infantile mind.

It’s tempting to follow the desire to give and receive love even if we don’t know how. If we give in it’s easy to forget that we are spiritual beings, sensitive to every idea of love or lack thereof.  Objectifying the body happens without a care, whereas listening to the body requires being mindful. Most people won’t put in the effort to develop mindfulness, so they live trapped in a trauma response caused by the immeasurable pain of all our ancestors who didn’t know any better.

There’s no point in believing in good unless we act accordingly. In order to live up to our own ideals we must listen to the collective voice of the body’s need for safety. We must recognize that our hopes and fears, which keep us in survival mode and prevent us from seeing that right here right now everything is ok, are not personal but collective. The body knows how to heal itself if we can just get over ourselves for long enough to realize that everybody is in the same boat, suffering the same hurt as us. That way human beings can help each other out in the name of something greater.

It’s natural for a child to not be interested in the wisdom of the ancestors. It’s natural for a young man to seek comfort over safety. As a man matures, the desire for love will keep him searching. The body knows what love is.


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