Monday Night Biography Circles


You are invited to:

Monday Night Biography Circles from 7:00-8:30pm 

 at “Together To Get Her” Studio

Center for the Sacred Path of Subjectivity

10 Beasom Rd

Lyndeborough NH 03082

These Monday Night Biography Circles will include an opening exercise, guided meditation, creative practices (such as journaling, drawing, painting, or collage, listening and speaking), and circle work, for reflecting on the process together. It is not necessary to have a problem to solve to participate. It can be helpful to work from a question, a theme or an issue that feels burning, but it is best to come with an open mind. The main goal is becoming comfortable with holding open questions. Conscious uncertainty attracts rays of new insight. The only requirement is curiosity about yourself and others, and a willingness to try contemplative and artistic modalities. It is important to cultivate intellect, but it too longs to place itself in service of the heart. 

Admission is rolling. Group members may join at any time but must sign up for a minimum of four consecutive sessions, to support group cohesion. Circle work serves both self-development and the growth of others. The approach of these Monday night workshops is more like a practice than some of the other Together To Get Her events designed around specific curricula. Hence committing to attend at least four session, ideally more, contributes to the group culture and hones skills which deepen with consistency.Participants will be guided through exercises to connect with and make meaning from what is relevant to them currently. Sharing will be based on process, rather than content, so everyone can focus on what is being presented to them in their own life. Ordinary experience is the tapestry where the truths we are ready to conceive are embroidered.

Please register by Friday prior to the workshop at the latest. Asra will request your email address. If fewer than three people sign up, the workshop will be canceled. Be sure to check your email before coming to make sure the workshop is indeed being held that week.


$25 per session (if paid separately) or

$80 for four consecutive sessions (paid on first week) or

$180 for sixteen consecutive sessions (paid on first week).

Cash or checks only please.


To register:

Contact Asra Zahn




 Together To Get Her Studio-Center for the Sacred Path of Subjectivity

10 Beasom Rd

Lyndeborough NH 03082

Every Monday night 7:00-8:30pm 


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