Light and Sound

Physical hygiene was once a breakthrough in healthcare. Poetry and painting, hygiene of sound and light, will one day be accepted as standard protocols for good health, just like exercise and sleep are valued now. Humans are beset with health risks that resulted from the mechanical revolution and now the information age. We are routinely subject to the unexamined use of electricity, fossil fuels, recorded sound and screen imagery, not to mention the electromagnetic waves bombarding us from all around, the invisible snarl connecting all our “smart” devices….

The “information age” came hand in hand with the entertainment industry. It is not only the quantity of light and sounds that disturbs the psyche. It is the quality. But who wants to talk about media quality, except for maybe some religious extremists? It’s too moralistic. Technology is not going away. It is a fun and useful tool, but our species might be going away if we don’t talk about the connection between technology and the technology of the human senses and how they are connected to the earth. 

Graphically designed, enhanced and airbrushed imagery effects the atmosphere, because the pictures we take in subconsciously motivate what we see, desire and consume. Commercialized sound and noise pollution decrease our tolerance and need for quiet, and this dis-ease trickles down into the water, the water which remembers everything.

We are creatures innately designed to discern the laws of cause and effect within the delicate substrate of water and air coalesced within the earth’s atmosphere, the living biome. Humans have created a lot of amazing technology, but we did not create causality. Light and Sound did.

The human mind blossoms through contemplating the beauty of nature in silence. Humans can connect with the will behind every perception. These aesthetic laws of time and space become warped in virtual reality. We are still able to detect the will behind the perceptions, but with a different effect upon the mind. But again, who wants to talk about morality? Humans are interested in freedom.

Mindfulness practice has become widely acclaimed to be therapeutic. Mindfulness of what?Mindfulness has been secularized. The devotional aspect of this powerful technology has been removed to make it more widely acceptable, but there is something that is greater than us that can’t be left out. We need it to survive. The environment.

Nature is nothing other than our words and imaginations.

We need to speak about and envision a future with clean water and clean air. Because humans are free, change must come from within, not from healthcare legislation regulating image and sound quality for psychological hygiene, never mind as environmental protection. How can technology augment, not handicap, the technology of our own organisms? By scientists becoming artists. Artists have always led humanity into the future. True artists know that they can never surpass, only learn from the ultimate masterpiece of nature.

Light is connected to our nervous system, allowing us to conceive of feeling and thought. Sound is connected to our habit body. In time, the rhythms in our learned behaviors produce the hydrology of the endocrine system, our addictions and areas of release. 

May the changing hues of day and night and the sound of silence guide us through the grueling withdrawals of light and sound abuse.

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