Braindead in Reverse

This post is about the deliberate torture, vegetation and framed killings of spiritual teachers, carriers of healthy gut flora, artists and people annoyed by the Ponzee scheme economy. Nothing wrong with a little doubt. Leonard Cohen said it well, “Everybody knows that the boat is sinking. Everybody knows that the Captain lied. Everybody knows that the war is over. Everybody knows that the good guys lost.” So, this post is about deliberate torture of Indigenous Peoples, idealistic children and adolescents, community leaders, spiritual teachers and wholistic healers.

It certainly sounds crazy, but look it up. HAARP. Everybody’s doing it. Governments who are controlled by corporations, and which government isn’t nowadays? Population control is the intent, a very altruistic one of course, since saving the planet Earth is important. The concern here is about the torture. Climate, politics, and military competition through toughening people up to be more responsible in generations to come-all that is not my specialty. I know nothing about it, in fact. The making-braindead of revolutionary minds, and the kidnapping and sex slave trading, for the purpose of greed is bothering me a lot. Since no one reads my blog, it is a safe space for me to vent about this a little bit.

Since we’re on the topic of worry, the abuse of animals and plants falls under this same theme of torture. The suffering of all beings is experienced within each one of us, if we are tuned in enough to our inner life. That is why the mistreatment of animals and plants, which are ingested and perceived through awareness, is also part of what is slowly severing our connection to conscience. There are wealthy people who are aware of frequency and how qualities can be transmitted through substance, so this is contained in deliberately cruelly slaughtered Elders, our animal superiors, and also the homongenization of Plants, done solely for the purpose of making consumers sick so they will indulge in products this type of people design so make money. Corporations who choose to harm the planet and consumers for the sole purpose of making money, for amassing power, or for crippling anyone who poses a threat have the ability to spy on anyone who might try and stop them. The data collected by spying can be used as blackmail and for targeting the senses with propaganda, and light and sound torture tecnology. This technology can be set a various levels. To distract and enterain is the most benign. It can frighten into complacency the more rebellious victims and render insane, braindead or kill people whose freethinking and conscientious nature is inspiring others, undermining the agendas of the various empires who employ torture technology.

There will be so much psychosis when the media and the space station torture stops and the junk food. All branches of the military, and all medical professions on deck will not be able to handle the withdrawal in one wave, but we need a due date. There will be no justice, because history is merely trauma, at least not yet, but how about October 11th for the torture to stop? Good looking people can pick up the pieces of what the armed forces and the nurses cannot handle. If we go on like this, there won’t be enough good looking people who all work for free. The truth will be known eventually, and everyone’s family name will be stained in blood. It’s the kids and the wives who can speak up before then. Anyone who waits until after Oct. 11th could have an extra smear on the books.

This might sound crazy to many people, and indeed it is crazy, like living in a science fiction novel. The goal of knowing about these kinds of activities is to remain peaceful, to remember that our true self is untouchable by any forms of material or energetic attack. We are pure consciousness which cannot be manipulated by the laws of nature. To become fearful or angry is to mistakenly identify with the thoughts, feelings and sensations associated with the biological/electromagnetic warfare that is taking place, fighting for control over the human organism. In fact, each of us is not up for grabs. We are under the dominion of the divine, which cannot be co-opted by petty mortal schemes such as mind control for capitalist gain. The overarching peace and wisdom that transcends life and governs all existence, including the afterlife, where all the karmic mistakes we wrestle with here will be fully comprehended in total transparency before all, is tangible to us now. We can turn our focus from the interference of consumer culture, media and electronic toxicity and antagonistic social norms to a more natural frequency of compassion, understanding and endurance.

Another solution to dealing with the frequency torture happening all over the earth is to pay attention and learn from those who are being tortured. There are bright lights among us who are being silenced. They are either being poisoned by the toxins they ingest, by their own electronic devices of blasted from lazers in the ionosphere so that they are sick, tired and afraid of the increased pain they could experience physically and psychologically if they speak out about what is happening to them. That does not stop those around them from admiring their wisdom, understanding why these people are tagged as revolutionaries who must be eliminated, and apprehending their teachings while they are still allowed to survive. The most potent healers and guides alive are living very simple and humble lives.

It would be very demanding on local police departments and hospitals if every time someone who feels they are being electronically agitated by their personal computers, gadgets, gaming systems and phones. It is also a problem for investors and perpetrators, because to change a system, which has taken centuries to build, requires an international legal process to unfurl so that the economy, health care, banking and transportion systems can continue to function.

World War III is a cyberwar, initiated by corporations to override national legal processes and taxation, with the intention of saving the environment. Their weapons are comprised of poisoned “food” and electro-magnecic targeting of insurgents, and people awakening to the climate’s rebellion against the crest of the evolution, humans. The employees of the corporations are excited to see the data revealed by their weapons, and they see that their victims are actually able to heal “climate change,” which is touch love from a tired parent, but they wish to move slow to avoid riots and overflowing hospitals.

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