Council for Foreign Relations-Special Projects

When painting Renaissance Style with acrylics instead of oils, which is preferable since they dry much quicker, one could prepare the canvas with a base layer of cadmium, then hot pink, followed by cardboard grey. Earth tones are hard to achieve with acrylics, unless you layer dark over light or mix while still wet. Blues can be achieved with light over dark, but without blue pigment. Blue is to be created by the gods alone.

Imagine being an Air Force pilot shooting at people whose faces one cannot see on the ground. It would be like being a robot, detecting only colors, flares. And imagine learning not to feel, to be stone cold. I have so much respect for these people who must heal from fighting like machines to protect our country and protect democracy. I am an anarchist. Democracy is passing the buck. Responsible government is to feel, and there aren’t enough therapists to do the work. Who can train people well enough to help us both feel and be in touch with reality? Indigenous people can have already done their part. All that is needed from all of us is apologizing to the womb of the world for the inner life until it is a joyous offering. People of place can train. We all exit the same way we came, through being animals, then plants, surviving on both sun and rain, and then composting with the minerals as soil. There is no such thing as space, only intention.

Everybody has flaws. For example, being in a group, there is the alternative and the ultimate. We all learn about our flaws by being mirrors for others, and they for us. The ultimate is someone who has no flaws, and this is attainable for everyone. Do you see animals with flaws? That’s what humanity is moving towards, freeing ourselves from compulsion. Vipassana.

When I arrived in Spain, I knew no one and wondering in the dry hills of the National Park above Granada, I trespassed on an empty equated cave. I stole a tight greenish brown belly shirt with long sleeves with a comic-like drawing of a teenage girl walking from left to right towards the small words which said, “Your imagination can take you anywhere you want.”

The ultimate of NH is what Bostonians appreciate as an unfamiliar environment. The Islands off the coast of Maine are foreign to the lunatics at Soteria House, now known as Pathways in Burlington VT. Hybridization of race is unfamiliar to everyone. It is what the Council for Foreign Relations must choose how to justify. The white rabbit seal rubbed with royal blue crayon on a bench across the street from the Harvard dorms is unfamiliar to the broken-hearted musicians and boxers. The sweat on their face is unfamiliar to me, and the white student loans against my property equity sees the threat as amends, with a forgotten friend from long ago.

Who has the index of income to benefit, of want vs need, of trauma to penguins, of treatments designed to enslave? We are all perfect lie detectors who see perfectly into each of our unique suffering hearts, and dismiss the guilt, the regressions, the restlessness of others. There is a need for withdrawal, for tangible results. There is a need for rehab staff, wardens, psychiatrists and cops. There is a need for end of life care. There is a need for birth control, but there will never be enough of these if there continues to be assault on the physical senses, which is akin to murder. Mind control thrived because of the corrupt leaders of this organization, and these individuals are in a blessed position of power to know now that using EMF to amplify potential healers of humanity is wrong.

It is cowardly to accept an invitation to survive without getting paid. The real challenge is being ready for death. If not, purchase a bargain bipap today, or call 911. First responders have more important things to do than deal with neurotic messiah complexes, like scaling back biological warfare to working things out on a logistical, educational level, here on the ground. It’s nobody’s job to make people sane. To rush sanity by screwing up communities in which we miraculously spin will yield eventually or we will never have winter again.

Never denounce the Council for Foreign Relations. It is everyone who handles money, or who aspires to fame, who is to blame for the mass killings of people who resist Globalization. Money depends on separating the mind from matter. It is an abstraction, holding no value in itself other than as a definition of what nature produces for free and we cannot comprehend. I denounce myself, and I denounce stock trading, and any form of currency.

The movement is advancing. Please take me with you!

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