Subtle Withdrawal

The Covid 19 pandemic has sensitized me, who was already sensitive, even more. This historic health crisis has two competing purposes. One is the consolidation of wealth. The other is an orchestrated effort to reverse climate change and help people detoxing from the chemical and neurological poisoning of the organism. The first can be remedied by how each one of us consumes. The second can be accomplished, also, only by taking personal responsibility for ourselves and working with guides who are experienced with renunciation. Blaming the power structures that be is the magnet which causes me sometimes to become a victim of my own bitterness and fears, because nobody wants to go to jail or have their reputation tarnished. This is what people in power, and people in real life who are happy, are working together to fix.

The benefit of the pandemic is that it has helped people see the value of solitude, simplicity and what matters most in live. On the flip-side media addiction and production of useless good has slid even deeper into bed with shareholders. Working and studying remotely has a silver lining, as many people are experiencing, what hermits and introverts enjoyed all along, telepathy. I see the same happening with everyone, to the point of becoming so heartfelt that we have a phobia of being physically close. Human connection is strong. It cannot be effected by distance, even by image, nor interference of any kind, but appreciation means training in attention. We are always connected. For example, at work, if a client is cutting out, we are still together, aware of each other. For many people, Pandemicland is a nightmare, but for a therapist, it is an interesting experiment to see that, indeed, it is the therapeutic alliance which people take away with them, and anticipate before the next session, which heals and cannot be tampered with by any virus or device.

I don’t have any specific stories, since sharing any nuance might be a breach of confidentiality. In the helping professions, it is not legally allowed to talk about the woes witnessed and the astouding overlap. However, I believe reader knows that our human ties are not severed by space, only lack of observation. To come off-line, pushing past our social anxiety of being in our little camera boxes, and meet again on the ground, we will taste what life really is again and again. This chapter of history is like a collective celebration of exiting a long distance relationship and entering a period learning to cherish the physical world more respectfully and keep good company.

The more we think about our ambitions, the more addicted we become to hubris. Ideas such as, “I can save the world, and others should collaborate with my vision of the future.” The future is up to us to imagine, but it is also up to us to forget. Who is writing this? The laws of cause and effect have better ideas in mind than we do about how we can all resolve the climate crisis, poverty, and slavery. Everyone is subject to the lessons cause and effect teach. Listening to God, Earth and living beings, and awakening to the directions, is a more interesting path than trying to pretend. Apocalypses and utopias belong to the plane of visualization, warmth and Word. Humans are simply inhabitants of latent realities. Competing is a trick of the ego which jokes about human birth being a game. It is a sacred instruction to give thanks and praise to the elders.

The truth is bad for the economy. The truth is that arranged marriages are a good thing, or radical forms of birth control, such as abstinence or using birth control regularly. There are many couples awakening all over the world awakening to love beyond lust, a spiritual invitation to the dance agreed upon in the Bhardos before birth, Astrology. Relationships last, and who knows through what generous changes beings will evolve. Human nature is monogamous, and matter is the journey of recognizing this. When we make a true commitment to do our best to not cause harm, society loses its grip on us, and conventions of consideration of self replaces it. Focusing on reaching our full potential is what will fulfill the potential written in the astrological conditions of natal charts. When we stop justifying socially accepted bad behavior, it feels like being empty at first. Slowly, through behaving with curiosity about how we can be our best, we attract relationships which are based on mutuality and acceptance, a very fun and sacred pact. The Covid 19 pandemic can be looked at as a catalyst to understand how our mini worlds align with the Big Picture, if observe it as such. We must look very far back in history to find times when the whole population went through the same disaster all at the same time. Investigating this togetherness, faith grows, and a new gardens and forests of possibilities flourish. Not everyone needs to adhere to such standards, because not everyone decided to dedicate themselves as a monadic vessel before returning to this lovely planet. For those of us who are so blessed to see creation as our divine counterpart, during this lifetime, we are ready for death. Having nothing to accomplish, it is our duty to release the layers of history shrouding the perfection of individuals’ souls and model states of honesty, reflection and rest.

Besides uniquely resolving any harmful actions personally committed, the only way to all survive this pandemic together is for all the contributions gained and lost during the pandemic to be analyzed by an unbiased global institution and for those with intention to kill or subdue other humans to turn ourselves in. Otherwise, when we meet in the afterlife without senses, it will be very embarrassing. Being an able bodied, white American, on one realm of existence, I consider myself part and parcel of the reason people wish to acquire masses of wealth. We have the technology to allow the environment to rapidly recover, or to destroy larges swathes of the population, which could amass huge financial profit. We lack the legal institution to monitor this process and agreed-upon sentences and transparent access to intentional decisions made. Everyone wants to help, and justice is standing in the way of help happening at the right speed.

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