Lay Monasticism

Many new agers understand the spiritual path requires dying while alive. However, you cannot sacrifice yourself unless you have a self. Being a monastic means committing to training rules to better enable dedicating one’s time and energy to something greater than oneself, future generations. A lay person also live sthe holy life, and having a personality, responsibilities and a reliable routine, which does not cause harm, serves a a container as a monastic code does within organized religions. Monastics are actors. They play soulful parts, inwardly knowing change is constant, more vast than outer vast than local culture. Similarly lay practitioners can invent an outer form, choose to play a part while participating in the broader cosmic drama which, trans-dimensional with the more simple purpose of cultivating the merging of religion with society locally.

Without a “self,” coherency of figure and ideas, individuals could become lost, easily fall prey to temptations such as fame or nihilism which. Many spiritual traditions tout the aim of surrendering the persona. The tricky part is care of the body, like the red cloth waved in front of bulls while the fighter gracefully steps aside, because the spectacle serves peace, taming fear. Monks and nuns can just as easily fall into the trap of identifying with their role as lay people can. Private property does not encroach on a heart that is free any more than they watching from the starry heaven or the dust underfoot.

It is up to every one to determine how to structure one’s life. The rhythm of how we spend time, the materials and sense impressions we interact with and the company we keep are some major ways we co-create the body/mind fabric of experience. What spiritual practices we apply ourselves too also develops faculties of awareness, so when we retire from the stage, we do not find ourselves fallen off the cliff of denial emotionally. Why is not a real question. Celibacy is the practice revealing HOW. It is a great way to develop gladness and brotherly love, and as a bonus, it helps save life as we know it! Just as abstaining from purchasing items we know are bad for the environment, abstaining from sexual relations (which often times leads to unplanned pregnancy, or even worse pregnancy as a way to try to control another person), celibacy can recognize and celebrate the ubiquitous and sacred nature of sexuality. It is the practice of hoping, not waiting.

Celibacy is abstaining from sexual intercourse EVER as a default mode. This practice can buy One time to consider feelings and reasons before becoming attached to another person. Sexuality binds us to every one who we come into contact with for the rest of our lives. Touch especially can take a lifetime to deserve, to really comprehend, lifetimes, to unfetter, if the contact was motivated by self-doubt, temptation, or malice. Celibacy is not an imperative nor a question of morality. It is a form of collective self-defense. Negative energies may get under our skin when we don’t brave solitude, but these trials lead us to the laws of creation.

Another benefit of celibacy is: it can curb overpopulation, a rather important topic in this day and age. Celibacy is not about worrying about the large number of humans incarnate. It is a fun way to honor the way to resist causing all other life forms on earth going extinct. Well-educated parents, wealthy families, or low-income folks, who are actually prepared to give children a developmentally appropriate childhood, have very few children typically.  Conversely, poor families from backgrounds of abuse, or from tribes who have been persecuted, currently or historically and might try to increase in number, tend to produce exponentially more children than the financially rich. Again the issue of blame, but procreation carries on from times premordial. The ruling elite understand that most people are extremely good and extremely poor. If more people were celibate, more people would be able to live comfortably without damaging the planet for the super cool soul life coming. The fear-based Plan B shall not be realized, since climate change has awakened everyone to the need to take heed and live together wisely.

Celibacy is not often appealing, perhaps, among those permissive of casual sex and codependency. There are other cultures in the world who know how to prolong the delicious subtleties of human experience which are missed by hedonists. Courtships following the consumption of desire precede suffering. Restraint, following the surrender to be an eye of the beholder, leads to happiness.  Consider the resentment that often follows, and the lowering of one’s self-esteem, each time a relationship fails. Have you ever wept for joy to witness the purity, patience and devotion of unrequited love in your own heart? Usually sex, and babies, just happen. This is the earth expressing herself, but also through us the response of the divine can simplify our lives and not pour oil on the flames. How can we tell the difference between when the earth is expressing nature in all it’s beauty and perfection from times when we are using other people to hide from our true nature? That is a good question.

When all men will be monks when all women become good listeners.

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