Resting, celebrating, mourning

Everything falls by its own weight, an ex-boyfriend who cheated on me used to say. Is a woman to be a sex object or a player? A woman can please her man by prioritizing staying pretty, or she can think and trust the stars to move her. The brain is wired to be extremely judgy, but the definition of judgment has been misconstrued. The conditioned way of hearing ‘to judge’ is that we dislike others and are entitled to resent them. Truly, judging is a reflection of the resolution of one’s own karma witnessed by another. We do have a right to judge, because we have a right to have mirror neurons. Even Martin Pechtel brought his wife and saved himself. The fall was given.

There was a population control agenda being rolled out, but it got usurped by Google and Amazon, artificial birth control through sloth and greed. This is the reason Light and Sound has always been my favorite post. Who is game for renunciation again? The gist of both plots was in favor of people dying prematurely if they are stupid enough to trust mainstream agricultural and health care policies, however it is a matter of maldistribution of wealth, not intelligence. It’s not the time to look to Wall Street to not see poor people die. Education that allows for organic initiation to develop is the way forward. It is the time to act like poor people so plan B is no longer needed. Go on eating junk food and using allopathic medicine. There is not much harm any one human being can do considering Akasha. See the article below about the vaccine being a threshold we must back out of. Belief becomes form, feeling, perception, and consciousness when we get there is a better way to alleviate the population of Earth.

So who is the party behind mNRA tec? On one side, there was Secret Service/Wall Street/govs. And we have a third party, Google/Amazon/guns. Here we stand in the center, humans with one track minds and hearts, rejoicing because the best things in life are free.

The brain is the astral body, the nervous system. The powers that be are the body. We are the endocrine system through devotion of energy. Astrality as witness, sensation as the judge, energy is balanced, the feather of conscience and the anchor of allegiance on the scales. Weighing is simple and complex as healing from addiction. It requires honesty, appropriate shame and support for wholesome actions. If we make mistakes, we suffer. The organism schools order by trying one’s hardest. Life couldn’t possibly be more beautiful, perfect and liberated. Sensitive. Parents naturally would support population control, so that their children will be able to prosper. It is ironic that those of us without children, being impartial to whom survives, feign being a deciding factor in what is expressed and what remains un-created. Kids are on the table, so let the contemplatives sit and the blue collar folks speak. Who watch leave cultures alone and are happy.

Drinking the Cool Aid was a winged mistake, trying to understand one’s heart’s desire. The governments and militaries of the world are protecting people who do not participate, together. The IMF, NATO, the WHO, the EPA and the FED encourage us to let them handle things. Arts, Sports, religion and Science are the counter-balance, locally that is. Somewhere between karma and biology is the need for critical thought. To judge is not damning of others, nor of our own faults. To judge is to exercise the ego so that it becomes a messenger of heart between mind and body. When the judging practice is over, the celebrating, resting and mourning continues.

The direction of the breeze is proof of human self-expression, but it is not our role to create, only to be loyal. Russia, China, Japan bump up against the UK, but the CIA bond with the Pentagon and distributes keys to all the civilian soldiers on the ground. There is too much work to do for the guardians of climate. Ivy League traitors smell the changes in seasons. They are ready to take weekends off, be home with their kids, trusting the streets, which are amazingly safe. Cyber-war is not the issue. Relaxation is, so the Cardinals are walking the talk, and so are the Generals, and the snipers, the pilots and, patiently, the broker, all going home. Censured science is snuggling in lock-down, closing laptops, mirror neurons refreshed by the beauty of nature.

Wilderness is spiritual erotica, and perception an instrument of praise, to awareness and his consort, who feels him through everything she does. Learning, trying, staying, the mind creates. The body watches, and lovers are grateful, because They keep us separate, free. Taking sides gets us where we need to be. Just run down to the corner store, or not, and ache until ease returns. Room for squares had it wrong. Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris have it right. Expressing creativity is in the palms, in the toes and sit bones. Watching the master Peace snooze is in the tailbone, the jaw and shoulders.


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