Education and Medicine

Being mentally ill is easy to comprehend, with all the chaos and wonder swirling around us, it is hard not to be bit crazy. The modern day economy is sickening, and learning to accept it as is is healing. People are fragile, not tough like animals, and we are doing the best we can. The education system is the solution to the health care crisis, caused by the food and water crisis.

Don’t worry about “aught” or “malice;” only worry about uncertainty. To be sure is equal parts of satisfying, heartbreaking and impermanent. These states combine to cause insomnia, and to not sleep is to be insane. This heightened state of awareness burns energy, surrendering the body so it can remove toxins. Free radicals wish to speak before being evicted, making Crazy even wiser and worse. To want for nothing, this is the whisper of “germs,” and their excrement, in passing. To want for nothing is political. It is not romantic. Madness escalates until certainty and uncertainty blend, life and death, animate and “inanimate,” pagan and pilgrim or bride. Hence, the reason why it is healthy to work out, believe in stories, and have goals, like finding food and cleaning up a lot.

Art is the best way I have found to remain in denial that there is nothing to do with uncertainty or lack of doubt. Whether wide awake, or haunted by dreams, art can provide a distraction from constant sex (the natural world). So can medications, if needed. That’s what cyber-torture was designed for. As a medication. Then IA and robots came along, and the whole thing got really nutty with special interests groups all around, all caring about their wives and kids, of course, but seeing over decades how the sci-fi movies are not fiction. Eventually the medicine machines started to be used to silence people, interfering with love lives, from speaking out about the counterforce they were producing, in short, the opposite of the desired effect. It’s a runaway train. We all make mistakes, and it is consumers’ responsibility to fix them by seeing that being alive on planet earth is paradise.

It would be nice if certainty, or fear, didn’t last so long, but if it does, the heart has only teachers and allies. That is why I am an anarchist, from genuine gratitude, feeling respect for and humility seeing elders blessing this path, young and old. The planet is like a taxi, moving through a landscape we understand so much as babies, so out of control.

“The taxi smelled of sleep. Old clothes rolled up. Damp towels. Armpits. It was after all, the taxi driver’s home. He lived in it. It was the only place he had to store his smells. The seats had been killed. Ripped. A swathe of dirty yellow sponge spilled out and shivered on the back of the seat like an immense jaundiced liver. The driver had the ferrety alertness of a small rodent. He had a hooked Roman nose and a Little Richard moustache. He was so small that he watched the road through the steering wheel. To passing traffic it looked like a taxi with passengers but no driver. He drove fast, pugnaciously, darting into empty spaces, nudging other cars our of their lanes. Accelerating at zebra crossings. Jumping lights. ” -Arundhati Roy

Cartography vs, Maps. Who is going to say it? I don’t read the papers or search the web, but I have a concern. The medicine machines should not be targeted against people speaking out against greed. Greed is a being that thrives in every human’s nature. “Trying to satisfy desire with what one desires makes the desire stronger,” Rajiv Chanchani once said to a class. Dave Matthews put it well. “Could I have been a parking lot attendant? Could I have been a millionare in Bel Air? Could I have been anyone other than me? Could I have been anyone?” Not the being, but the action, yes of course. Greed is not human nature. It lives in us literally like a serpent, parasites.

Torture is a topic I used to write about, but after doing more "scientific research," term coined by Rudolf Steiner, it is clear to me that there is only goodwill. The earth is overpopulated, and many people feel that it is best for everyone, animals and plants, and most importantly our own offspring, to do something about it. Teachers try to educate kids to live healthy lifestyles and make good decisions. Parents are such role models. Doctors and nurses heal people who are wounded, addicted or traumatized, and the armed forces protect innocent lives. Legal systems step in when any of this goes wrong, as best as laws, our laws, can. Sometimes all that is just not enough. What appears as torture is mandatory peace.

There is also the spiritual world. We are all learning to meet one another and learn about trust.

Still, he bought the Blue Plymouth. Medication is what it is. It’s good not to go vile on shrinks, docs and psychiatrists. We all are playing a part. Intentions regulate health, and karma sometimes poses obstacles even to kind intentions. So the health care system is just another group of people. PERSONS. Just imagine what is happening as so many people become compassionate out of concern for Nature and each other. Like we need the police, we need ways to take a break. Aleopathy offers them for those who need one, despite the fact that everyone is ready.

The sicker and fatter you are, the more qualified you are to teach, or if you have a really killer astrological chart, or have been raised by parents with persistent mental health struggles. To be able to maintain a positive attitude under such duress is a training which may not meet the eye, but paying attention and comparing, like for example having a bumper to bumper to leisurely surfing the web, one may find that even a car crash is safer than being online these days (unless you have zero enemies), similar to how investigating an encounter is different than being superficial. Such meetings, however familiar or covetous, and any temperature in between, must remain for further posting. Here, it is good to remember how well the folks in the Depts of AG, ED and Pharm are doing keeping the US military’s job easier.

W e can focus on being alive on planet earth, being embodied, or we can focus on trying to know the truth. The senses reveal all we need to know about life. Modern technology, including traveling, the exploration of space, the surveillance of human bio-fields, and other kinds of tracking (wealth, census stuff, etc.), can get us caught up with other kinds of maps which easily brew lots of hatred. How important is the truth? When truth of malpractice may have occurred, for example when maps are used intentionally to help save humanity and end up misaligned with nature, how important is justice? Calm is important for the health, which is what everyone agrees on.

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