Pronouns, Love and Combat

Some people get hurt really badly. Those same people tend to be the ones, who get most badly hurt, much more than others, many more times throughout their entire lives. This is the law of trauma. The law of karma is not taking this personally. Pronouns come into play when trying to not take life personally, because for many centuries, human cognition has become very wrapped up in words. It is history.

The only way to not take things personally is to take things deeply personally, and then move from thinking with words to being present, with image, heart and sound. Having the intention to set others free, and to survive disappointment should that arrive, we allow pictures and moods to move our feeling life. Sometimes it is fun. Others, not so much. Disappointment, like romance, or loss to death, can be fatal. Having a strong relationship with God, and a respectful relationship to crazy Spider Lady, can help weather the process of upgrading the mind. The more we train in subjectivity, the more we learn to not disappoint. Most importantly, this goes for spouses and parents, but it also applies to the CEOs and Big shareholders or large companies who began with very lofty ideals to accumulate wealth, which requires the involvement of all of us getting out hands dirty.

The days of high ideals are over, and local communities need to detox from the frequency pollution. The corporations have amassed enough wealth very quickly, thanks to the “pandemic.” I imagine their owners hope consumers will notice, after seeing how consumerism makes us feel, the value of simplicity. It is Gen X, mainly, who need to get a grip. Teens and children will recover without issue from biological, cyber and boredom attacks, if their parents can withdraw from virtual reality, my generation.

Digital Teaching Tools – Applied Digital Skills

I remember, during puberty, when I was old enough to move through public places alone, and I felt like I was murdering everyone when interacting without meeting, without honoring their unique divinity. This tormented me until I eventually became a hermit, outside of work, for many years. Everyone feels this way, but it is not our job to honor the divine in each single person. It is our individual job to each honor the REAL God and planet Earth, and those we commit ourselves to.

Teenagers nowadays engage in ’cause play.’ They access more easily a loosening of the use of pronouns and a growing sensitivity to essences, the backlash from the rampant consumerism of the WWII generation. Cause play is silly. We have a personality, a psychological skeleton we came into this world with. This innate patent is what we can discover by understanding trauma and karma well. I am very concerned about young people, because the way my heart breaks from passing someone on the sidewalk without considering them at all, or a cashier, or anyone I see face to face, is painful, but less painful than I imagine what it feels like to interact online.

I have never watched porn. Ok, I did see one indigo and white courting video at a summer camp when I was 14. I have never played a video game, except someone showed me Pacman once, I do recall. The only social media I have used is iPhone messaging, email and facebook (for five or six years). I grew up without a tv, thanks to my mom, who did buy one when I entered 9th grade, just after I’d lost interest in having one. I have only seen six films in the past six months: Third Man on the Mountain, Casablanca (code), Andre Rublev, Stalker (also by Tarkovsky), and two more…. Images of people engaging in sex and violence who are actors, who are not experiencing personal sentiment, is poison. We have mirror neurons, to suffer from actual pain and pleasure experienced by others. We experience them as Compassion and Mudita, however viewing pain and pleasure for entertainment cements a thick rubbery asphalt over the eye of the heart. The eye of the numb mind becomes insatiable, trying to feed the heart always overflowing with real meaning, and the heart starves, plastered over like intestines lined with gunk.

In schools, videos are shown during almost every class! School is a portal to the internet, and the rest of the internet is not educational. It is a cyber weapon, and a marketing tool for Agro Biz (boredom/medication/the DOLLAR) Sorry. As far as I know, Chinese kids are actually being taught to think intellectually in school, so partial for ecologists. Thankfully there are many wise people who are on board with the Yin Yang way of life and are not too interested in making their fellow men into blobs on the “matrix.” Point being– our young people are incarnating with abilities more advanced than my generation has, the pendulum swing from their great grandparents, but the world we are paving for them is terrifying for these sensitive souls. I wonder sometimes if China and the US are competing to brutalize who they consider their own people to train them as soldiers for cyber-warfare to try and overthrow the multinationals whose weapons are more far-reaching. I must keep reminding myself. The United States do not exist. There is Europe and the Pentagon, China and Dao. Thank God for Putin for being so undivided.

Shanghai, People’s Republic Of China Weather Conditions | Weather Underground (

Karma is being a triad with the divine, and noticing who we pay attention to, carefully. Trauma is a system of safety measures, which amplifies ignorance of Coon, the great goddess. Getting lost in pronouns like us and them, him and her, me and you etc. happen with karma (desire), and trauma (revenge). The great goddess will tell what desire is truly about, and she will also take care of any revenge. God doesn’t believe in it, and it is not humans’ business. Trauma is not a problem, unless we lack faith and respect. People like to mooch off the system, but the system just needs to leave them alone and they will be fine. Thanking even doubt and whatever interference lies amid these words, through craving and letting go of fear or revenge, we approach the true self. There are evil forces in the world we can all catch, like colds. Algorithms trick us to make us buy things, but with the new/old language ushered in the heart speaks, all forces steer individual potential to align with what we ALL want, poetry. It doesn’t count, organic poetry, while hypnotized. The body knows what to do, and no one owns her. “It’s called ‘pay if forward.'” (Shout out to 2d)

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