Dining on dead insects is a reliable diet, as the body dictates. As a woman, my focus is on God, but also, the male side of me, needs energy, vitamins, life force, so I give thanks to the beetles, grubs, flies, ants and stink bugs who I ate while being a carnivore, those who gave so much to my digestive biome. This kind of intimacy, mice turning into eagles, frogs eaten by snakes, spirits eating flesh is not necessary. It would be challenging for me to stop taking the bait, of sourcing food unconsciously, but each day I wonder who I killed. Eating naturally deceased bugs is vegetarianism, though I’m not sure I’m committed. The live ones are very good.

Needing is happiness. Struggles may exist, but happiness is flowing constantly. The training of staying present with need requires physical wellness. Eating homogenized milk, breathing phthallites, and drinking them in can be cured by wild crafting food. This is something you need to know: There are two timelines behind the Covid 19 “pandemic,” setting people free (to become shamanic healers of their own bodies and return to local community), and mass genocide, (the concern that we don’t have enough time for the former). The websites I denounced yesterday no longer are searchable, so trust my readers to use reason to ponder.

The New World Order, remember when globalization brazenly used this term? Globalization has no altruistic aim. It is purely a ponzi scheme to benefit the uber rich. Now we have the pandemic. Though the aims might be to undo the damage of Gloalization, it is still debased to impose a false sense of power over others. Everyone is on board with spiritual birth control, as Luong Por Sumedho called it. When violence ceases, so will overpopulation. People who feel unsafe have too many kids.

When Rumsfeld, Cheney and Rice messed with the boys, it was annoying. Google, Facebook and Apple came on deck, giving Musk and nationalists some grand ideas. Enter the Patriot Act, and the much longer pre-conceived addendum, and the even worse removal of conservation laws for business, divisions in the family. Scaled back to nations and Google and Amazon again. Which pandemic? Those who get caught in power-mongering, investors, hide backseat to the protecting the environment. What does epidemic mean, morality? She. That’s why meditation owns the deck, and planning how to pay for detox is very much appreciated.

Why would I harass people I don’t know? George Bush Sr.’s father sold American arms to both sides of wars. George W. Bush invaded Iraq, and Halbiburun Alabama was hired to rebuild what the American President, who appointed him, destroyed. News outlets can spread negative propaganda about different cultures, in order to pocket money from shareholders, who have infiltrated governments who destroy those cultures, with taxpayer money, to spread ‘Globalization,’ The New World Order. Hence the reason I harass people, and I give thanks to being able to sleep at night.

Transparency is what what is needed. Rupert Murcock provided a good example of this. We need transparency of money, including Swiss banks, and transparency about nuclear armament, ongoing torture and past murder, not because of justice alone, first because of the weather, but the two are inseparable!!! Check out Dennis Klocek on weather reporting. Shamans around the world instruct how a weather healing goes. People will not be able calm THEMSELVES until ridiculous corruption scandals stop, not to mention point blank kidnapping for slavery, false guilt and overthrowing of governments to steal resources, which may require remediation still. Dear friends, I understand how costly it is to be a failure. I myself aspire to be an eight precept lay person, but I may lose my wits because of it. The only thing I ever tried this hard for is just not attainable. The climate will only be healed, when justice is served and when killage is a public chart.

Name calling causes death threats and not to me. It makes not for a fun correspondence dinner. Setting a date to make agendas and bank accounts transparent, to save one’s reputation, would be a good thing. Now we have spiritual teachers, the hood, to carry on. I don’t know enough about inflation to know how such a deadline for transparency, and a latter one for justice, could be determined. White collar criminals want to see cash in peoples wallets, before and after they realize their family might lose respect for them for gambling (a polite word for homicide and slowly bleeding people). Economic stability is important, so we don’t have riots and so that ordinary people can eat without needing wheelbarrows of money. Massiah complexes are expensive to manage, as is preventing suicides and active shootings.

Condalezza, please tell me you are safe.

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