Practicing in Solitude

In order to be an advanced meditator, one must be initiated first by the Earth and through Faith. This entails first surrendering body, time and energy to Life forever, to being a vessel of awareness for phenomena all on ones own. Spontaneously, if not in this lifetime then in the next, the arrival of the ego, as defined by Rudolf Steiner, organically develops. Inviting this kind of surrender is akin to practicing in solitude, which is not necessary, because the ego dawns automatically with aging.

Many people want to practice meditation only to be close to a teacher. Teachers choose their students, not the other way around. Mindfulness is practicality, nothing more. Supporting a teacher is training in generosity, and does require being chosen, so that teachers can heal the environment. Willingness to practice in solitude helps clear the path for Kundalini and BRAHMAH to alight. Greet for this light is dangerous.

Men are religiously designed to lovingly steward the womb of the world, Nature. Womens’ task is to pay attention to God, and to be ashamed in his eyes for not understanding him correctly, since he is incomprehensibly vast. Since women are gluttonous for men’s attention, when men are busy, the work of society is to help men be less busy.

If an inspiring stranger or community member gets somebody interested in meditation, yoga or other renunciatory practices, such as farm work, it can lead to a premature awakening of clairvoyance. It is These individuals become orphans, and there are many organizations around the world trying to provide mental health care for people striving to be good human beings without a supportive enough environment. Steering back to solitude, where missed stages of human development can evolve to completion, hopefully without bankrupting the system, is a practice we can exercise as long as it is not self-destructive.

It is an issue that Easter spiritual practices are entering mainstream education and health care in the West, because practitioners need support. Spiritual leaders have very difficult jobs. Never in recorded history has an event happened to all of humanity at the same time as much as the Corona virus outbreak. This is an opportunity to take personal responsibility to eat, sleep, and exercise and follow dreams which are available now.

What is the Delta Variant? Sex trafficking. The shareholders holding the puppet strings of corrupt governments are TOO CHEAP to provide amnesty and rehab, so they blast people who are addicted to the media with the qualitative frequency of sexy spiritual stand-up comedians. This is done our of altruism, to keep the hospitals from overflowing, but what does it do to the personal lives of whose frequency is being used, in the eyes of God? When a quality comes along that is so good and sweet, it enlightens people, so they stop polluting, inwardly and outwardly, after being seen and heard ONLY ONCE. It’s a death threat to that leader, and such leaders do not fear death. This is unprecedented, what is happening on the stock exchange. There’s no better medicine than young dead vibes who heal so well. Steer it.

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