AP Homework

The same individuals who released robots to control the minds of men, with the intention of saving the planet, are the ones uncensuring free bodies that saves us. So just track the money. Market values lessen as people are breaking down. Bosses try to comfort girls on the streets who are falling apart, without a partner. Who will train them? It’s not rocket science. Everyone loves nature. We all live in this striped bubble, and we will all die at the same instant. Know this, or else that will come true.

‘What has been relinquished? Where is the International Grand Tribune tracing the constellations who elongate and try to draw near? Releasing captives is not up to us. The laws of karma is a family affair. How we view our relatives, and the chosen gates we bridge, will determine whether we are forced to go downtown or remain in the heavenly wilderness were we belong. Nina Simone posed the question, “Do you realize how many we have lost, but we have remaining, Monk, Myles….” My self is the Teacher. Nature is my teachers’ teacher. Not having children is a sacrifice one can make, or not consuming, for example.

Entertainment can be found on the ground again, or on the stock exchange. I went to a Japanese restaurant, but it was tables only. Departing, a Japanese family sung happy birthday to the mother in English, having enjoyed a meal together. Look at the people. They were not black, but they were pure. How to reign mental pictures is a bodily action, allowing sense consciousness to be protected. Not what the mind sees, but what the eyes, ears, nose, taste, touch perceive is pleasure. Visualizations lead us nowhere. It is too late, for that plan of justice and celebration is already underway.

Brooklyn is far from Boston, however some have the key to connect one shore marking another by casting eddies and lassoes into the womb, not directionally, privately, collectively, inward. Politics continue like marionettes, and the seaweed that inspires them sway inert, restrained as statues, brokenhearted by the previous defeated lot. Contentment comes from release, and release feels like gratitude, ever linked.

“No chain remains unbroken.” -Kings of Convenience

The energy body should stay home as much as possible. Only when asked to serve, do the people speak with letters, sounds, leaving. The tone is given. Rhythm is what moves us forward, not altruism. Notice, when you think of love, you feel dread. When you think of service, happiness comes. Listening to the few whose barricades are so high is enough to cease the competition keeping us together. Disintegrating into isolated communities, segregated tourists, we all recognize the elders among us, and the children coming of age who lead us to abide in sacred silence.

Local culture is the work. Day dreaming is the drug. How must humanity evolve past instinctual worry about being annailated? It is technology that comforts many of us now, when comfort is our main problem. Escape is inevitable, depending on the ability to suffer. Freedom is beauty, and the responsibility for beauty is what is at stake. Robots produce music nowadays. After leaving the curb, I passed a performer playing a small golden sax. He had a lovely piercing on his left upper cheek, and he said he cannot find the words for his songs. The bench he sat on was the speaker, and the people passing by his captors, breath, meter and pause.

Teenagers are returning to physical classrooms, sensitized by the pandemic, motivated to take AP English, even volleyball and clubs. They understand what it means to be an outlaw squatting with their in-laws, having spend almost two years on screens and choosing the present moment instead. The police and the gangsters, the roofers, waitresses and coaches are all laughing with us, as the Bhodhi tree’s whispy branches are truncated, soldiers trying to leave.

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