Fronting with my Boys

How are politicians supposed to get anything done when there is havoc on the streets, not the streets outside but the neuro streets? there are vibes making stocks and vibes making bonds. The bonds are over-taxed, from trying to help people heal. There is research being done to effect consumers to heal ourselves, so that the financial system doesn’t cave to monopolies.

Neurology has been around a lot longer then cash. Humans have not lost spiritual technology the way we keep screwing up materials. This is an arms race, implanting ancient wisdom to protect substances. But who says the little bugs wiggling through the intestines into the blood and the bone marrow Donny have more expertise than science? It’s all about water. Wasting money on chips and lasers is a facade for keeping H£O smooth.

Water does everything humans already do. The air is the next frontier. Water is rebelling because science has focused on privatizing water, thinking air is harder to sell. How do I venture such wild assumptions? Meditation. There is no substitution. Water and air will be very expensive if we don’t sit our asses down. It’s fine to choose a teacher for inspiration off the cushion, but formal practice can only be done by ourselves, and nobody said it would be easy.

Banks, Google, nukes, Bayer, Murdock, what do any of us care? Masaru Emoto has us all beat, so let’s front, not back some more. I keep trying to stop this, but what is a promise?

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