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How can I know myself, when I am still cleansing? By recalling our earliest memories. My first memory is falling forward on my hands and face going down the steep driveway to feed the family goat who was attached by a short rope to a tree below. We carry the wounds of our ancestors, but our ancestors were content. The healing of the world does not depend on anyone else as far as I’m concerned. If we give our power away, who will give the gift of screws, as Lindsey Buckingham titled an album of his? Stability and Reverence. The people in local communities who will finish this marathon of justice, health care and human rights, as a relay, are everywhere. Aging brings wisdom. All adults have their earliest memories, so what is the need for teaching? The question is whether to be Arch Angel Gabriel or Michael.

The mind is free, free to do what it pleases, and free from craving, so there are no handles, no coins, no controlling, unless it so chooses. These past two weeks of frantic writing are the demonstrations of someone still bound up by the world, a pre-menopausal woman whose hairs are turning white at a rapid rate. So forgive me, Reverend Amber, but what are all the fake internet sites? I don’t need any of them, nor eyes, nor breath, so strong is my trust in humanity. You will notice from my current transits that my only signs in the outer world are moon (health) and, along with my entire generation, Saturn (responsibility) conjunct Jupiter (liberation). Everything else is already in the afterlife, meaning above the descendant. I abide in the underworld, especially for this year.

Is it really about the kids? Let’s focus on cherishing the elders and safely birthing them into the afterlife, or wast that the deal from the start? Dead people are retired, but we are not yet. Kurt Cobain is still alive, by the way. What are we waiting for to learn how to budget? Dennis Klocek and vibrational healers know how to ask the right questions. Yes, the natural world holds answers, but that is for his significant other, Goddess. Humans are subjects, not objects who “come as they are.” -Nirvana

How many families would a priest like in his congregation before another church is established? Grooming the cute anigarikas to be abbots just won’t cut it, because they don’t all have the goods. Buddhism is not a Kama Sutra. It is a circus beyond singing, beyond dancing, beyond juggling, nature’s Kama Sutra. “The courtesans are always shown as ladies of culture and refinement, in honourable love with someone and devoted to music and dances, though carrying on their profession.” The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana, translated by Sir Richard Burton and F.F. Arbuthnot, p. 67. We live in a time of moving beyond just seeing with the eyes into being inspired with the heart and being fully incarnated in the body. There is suffering, not because of lust, but because of compassion that many people don’t want to incarnate into today’s economic system.

“After Brahma Sahampati’s visit, the Buddha was on his way from Bodh Gaya to Varanasi when he met an ascetic who was impressed by his radiant appearance. The ascetic said, ‘What is it that you have discovered?’ and the Buddha responded: ‘I am the perfectly enlightened one, the Arahant, the Buddha.'” -The Four Noble Truths Dhamma teaching by Ajahn Sumedho. There is not suffering, because all these rules are God’s world.

Gabriel and Mike

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