International Grand Tribune

Torture is exposure therapy. The devices are here to help. When happy, one can be exposed. When anxious or bored, best not to be exposed to any artificial sound or light.

Good artists are blacklisted. Other artists start out good and get blended into drugs for the viewer. We need to raise hard copy kids. Vynle kids. Waldorf educate the children, then the torture will no longer be needed. Kids in middle school now can teach. They are experts in tripping the rewards system of the body. Animals can test the blue birds, and us perps.

Grief is human’s role. Joy is God’s role. Creativity is Mama’s role. That’s how adults can mentor, teaching that the sense of wrongdoing is clarity, and “taking it into sleep,” as Rudolf Steiner’s approach includes, lens the answer in the morning circle. Time.

The ones who suffer are the righteous. The ones who buy are the ones who need some duck tape over our mouths. Youtube, Toad the Wet Sprocket, something’s always wrong. Videos are toxic. Video games are ALL toxic. Recorded music is toxic because it is mixed at the 240 frequency, and it is played in fractals a whe. from …… What would it be like if teachers let kids write about their dreams outside around picnic tables in silence instead of putting a mindfulness on the projector when they don’t even sit? We need help. We need this torture. We need this pain. We need this guilt. Hurt is the only way forward until honesty evaporates it into the clouds again.

Even as I write this, my keyboard is tripping. Thank you. Anummodana. Bless.

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