Losing the Shirt

I am writing this post to make my experience as a thinker transparent. As a writer it is very hard not to offend anyone, so I decided to take a road trip to Boston to take pictures, something relaxing for an artist going through burst of inspiration, and to rid myself of below shirt of arrogance, which was not happily received. It is grounding for mad artists to create, but it makes us appear crazy. Trying to cope with trying to act normal can sew seeds of blame and resentment. On this pilgrimage, I kept trying to forgive myself for people I dissed in my last post, queers, Google and Amazon, but I was only able to be selfish and remain uncertain.

The divine doesn’t have a timeline. The atmosphere could pop like a bubble, and all living beings would pass on the same breath. This is how connected life is to what is holy. Conflict is pointless, because we already live in peacefully. Just look. Him, her, Life:

The militarization of space is the international effort to save the environment for the children. Multinational corporations are on board with this, though what a difficult task. To what extent is healing up to us? Chemistry takes over. It is up to consumers, and servants, on the ground to keep the peace while the powers that be keep the peace ecologically. And vice versa, it is up to each individual to cultivate physical well-being, honesty and letting go so that cyber-attacks are no longer necessary, so let’s learn to relax.

Humanity is experiencing the sun square mood nodes. I personally have South Node in Aquarius and North Node in Leo, which makes it challenging to stay grounded and not feel conceited. The mood nodes are a powerful transit, and of course people have been going through all the same stuff we go through, people much wiser than myself, who must have a timeline already. Astrologers are all I can think of, because I don’t know much, or Buddhism, that points towards how to relinquish. We are all going through this together.

The eternal Earth is not a little girl. How many expansions and contractions have there been so the Lord is not lonely? She breaths and creates again and again, myriad forms. Is there any danger? Is there anything at stake? No, there is only freedom, love and qualities (ignorance, morality and bliss). I aspire not to be adversarial, yet I am afraid to die

I have not gone beyond aging. I have not gone beyond sickness. I have not gone beyond Death. Being incarnate is about falling in and out of love, and being in love is about preparing to die alone, to complete any unfinished business. This post is written as an homage to life which already had such courage, that speaks from garbage cans, pavement cracks and sentient souls. Being ill at ease, it is refreshing to know I am not alone, and I am truly sorry to not have more attention to notice all the good intentions of so many friends, everyone, all friends. The physical world rules, and I am spiritually sorry if having hurt anyone’s feelings when not taking enough heed.

The solution to the environmental mess we are in is not political. It is about couples who are willing to make sacrifices which benefit others.

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