Milk Pale Slate

The public internet and the Red Line and the blank are three different webs. The blank Web is owned by the banks which are not audited, and this is a blockade to tracking who gets penalized for the intentional silencing and numbing of insurgents against Capitalism empirialism.

Being labeled, and forcibly “treated” as a paranoid schizophrenic. This is what becomes of people who believe their search engine is trying to make them feel conceited, powerful though we are weak. Anyone who uses a search engine knows the instant gratification that comes from getting what I like when I didn’t ask for it. That is how the public net works. It is a marketing tool and a data collection software program for the Red Line which is used by militaries and other private interest organizations.

The blank web is not accessible to any government. The corporations who invented it use scientific knowledge of the “Akashic” record as a template, like airplane wings copy birds, and spiderweb helped manufacturers of rope. All three of the online internets are modeled after the Akashic record in some way, as is Zigbee and 5G processing, but what I am calling the blank web was intentionally designed to obscure the Akashic record SO THAT we loose touch with what all civilizations have accessed easily before the “information age.” Granted, it takes skill to use it, like it takes training to breath well or have good posture or develop the capacity for critical/intellectual/rational thought. Now there is a battle taking place, especially in consumer cultures, fighting over people’s bodies by grabbing our attention, between the blank web and the innocent or greed-based disseminating of content.

The Akashic record is made of heart strings. The Covid 19 pandemic is an organized effort by the decendents and employees of the blank web who wish to free humanity and the weather to make an apology and help us go through withdrawal from the damage the blank web has caused up until this point.


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