Pineapples in NE

Searching on the internet brings monopolized results, both visually, by way of sound, and because it is doable, now via felt electrical currents. The etheric currents are what we are cultivating, a sacred task which experts (ordinary people) around the world are doing under great duress, everywhere. If I were to look something up online, using any search engine available, the results can be different, even if my own family member were to do the same search living right next door. Facial recognition is innocent, but the intentions behind the technology used by the robots algorithms in flash website design are sinister and worth being a spiritual warrior for.

So why do we have pineapples in New England? This is supposedly a progressive, affluent, diverse, well, not so diverse, but idealistic, “educated” part of the world. How we spend our money, trade, and where we dispose our waste brings us together with all of humanity, and animals, plants and gems as well. Hypocrisy comes to mind, as I myself guzzle fossil fuels and accept plastic bags which are unnecessary, out of laziness and greed. It’s not that there are no tasks I could begin this very day to clean the air and water and stop torturing or exporting others. It’s just evil, the desire to help others, by listening to their confessions and enable them to be as bad as me. Today is a normal happy day.

So who has the biggest guns? I sometimes harp on governments/military and other times on investors who try and free us from these corrupted schemes. The history of the United Fruit Company is one example of how governments can be corrupt, ushering in the Free Trade Agreement. Examples on the corporate side, beyond borders, are Monsanto’s overthrow of India, or the involvement of philanthropy and higher education. Taking sides is not the point. Testing is. The purpose of any of these organizations research. Human activity is a think tank. All we do can be used against us of to help protect others. The important thing is to take personal responsibility, which is what motivates anyone in power to try and encourage. Governments and parent companies all try and help human being step up to the plate, but our organism has been weakened, not by sinister conspiracies, by innocent substances like sugar. Mostly sugar.

Local culture is meant to be a mystery, like all the libraries in the world, of no benefit in these times. Mother Earth is rising in her sleep. Intuitive knowing is dawning in the bodies of girls, and buy rapid downloads of pure insight to boys, as it has always been. Nothing has changed. It is simply time to move from the role of being priests, who herds their flocks, to being peasants taking our gender roles seriously, and stop trying to be perfect whole individuals with balanced yin/yang energies. The climate depends on this sacrifice to be seen. There are times for self-development, and there are times for humility. This is a time for great humility, perhaps even resulting in living a shorter lifespan.

How long should a lifespan be when modern “technology,” (misnomer because logos is missing from the funding of science nowadays) falsely believes to have the ability to prolong living past passing by natural disease? Killing living beings is not possible. As the trace minerals vanish from our food, and we ingest germs and chemicals from around the world, imported in bargain priced groceries, the human organism evolves. We also could eat all organic and local, even learn to forage, for people who have the time. Sourcing lilac wine is the major issue of our time, because it is the metaphor for how long we wish to live, what biome we wish to host, and how the surface of this planet is envisioned by each person, for future generations.

What would happen if I stopped using the internet altogether, as I did before the Covid 19 pandemic, and devoted myself to biodynamic in my own back yard? The kind of gardening I do is cultivating substances, witnessing and moving the soil of objects with the subjectivity of a lay monastic. Whether I grow food or not is a chemical question, but my path is a nervous one. The endocrine system is robust, and the imaginal world is delicate as a newborn. Sticks, rusted iron chains, the storage shed, are shrines. Strict adherence to the ethical code of being a monastic lay person is rising above the pleasure of meditation and bodily fitness. Relating to trees or relating to humans, dying alone or having family, are decisions to challenge us to say yes or no and speak our minds. The same thing will happen _ way.

There are three choices. These all need protection which of course is costly.

Life on the ground
Life online
Life in the imagination

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