Spirituality= Practicality

“Rahel thought that ‘boot’ was a lovely word. A much better word, at any rate, than ‘sturdy.’ Sturdy was a terrible word. Like a dwarf’s name. Sturdy Kochy Oommen — a pleasant, middle-class, God-fearing dwarf with low knees and a side parting.

On the Plymouth roof rack there was a four-sided tin-lined, plywood billboard that said, on all four sides, in elaborate writing, ‘Paradise Pickles & Preserves. Below the writing there were painted bottles of mixed-fruit jam and hot-lime pickles in edible oil, with labels that said, in elaborate writing, Paradise Pickles and Preserves. Next to the bottles there was a list of all the Paradise products and a kathakali dance with his green face and skirts swirling.” – Arundhati Roy

Listening to the stars (gems, stones, animals, insects, plants and dust), we awaken. Having spiritual offspring is the issue with politics grown too large. Regretting being a part of this council, I wonder what is means that Mary, Jesus’ mother, was an Aesian, that her best friend was a virgin too, and Sarah’s son was also a prophet. Sophia does not meddle in other people’s business. Jesus went to the dessert for 40 years and got tight with God. They don’t worried about kids. Neither does Joseph. Thinking the world is imperiled causes cultism. Paganism cures sects, like running cures insomnia caused by detoxification.

The first robots available to consumers were vacuum cleaners which gobble up the dust while you’re at work. That’s creepy. I don’t want a vacuum zig zagging around my floor, using energy, when I’m not around. It’s very significant that this was the first model of robots to hit the market. It’s a metaphor for the need to turn back.

We are seeing unprecedented numbers of Covid 19 outbreaks, and people dying being vaccinated. Local government, not mainstream media, is the only way to connect students with teachers. Substitution is does not suffice. Astrology does not suffice. Only what the Aesians do is ok, gazing into the dark. Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror, at the dark of your eyes? Have you ever looked at your lover’s pupils? God alone can understand outer space. The inner life feels bad. Guess being single and digging in the dirt is attainable for everyone.

I am celibate and still need to masturbate in order to sleep, but only when certain astrological transits occur. This does not allow committing sin with the imagination. The desire for power is the opposite of love, per Rudolf Steiner’s reports. Power can be imagined and also put down. The imagination is connected to sexual tension, and the releasing of tension is the continuation of imagination. As Dolly Parton sings, “You could easily take my man.” Dennis Klocek says, “We have to learn to move our mental images, or else mental images move us.” The point of celibacy is being replaced with Waldorf education, herbs and science.

My task is to be happy, which included thinking about justice, for indigenous people, people of place, spiritual teachers, artists and other conscientious objectors against the Free Trade. we are already dealing with the worst case scenario, so what do we have to lose, zero and five being synonymous of the options for the Courts below?

0. Nothing

  1. Anonymous
  2. Transparency + fines
  3. Prison + fines
  4. Death penalty + fines
  5. Natural disaster

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