Safety AND Justice

Is it time to go to New York, Putin, His Holiness, Sanders? Rather than deliver the cursed iron pitcher to Wall Street, where it probably should be, it has found a home beside my grandfather’s olive oil pitcher, slowly finding its sense of belonging. Time and energy was not what stopped me from driving to NYC, it was safety and chastity, and yes fear, the selfish desire to live. Scraps were thrown down, romance, being tested to see if I can experience utopia. Somebody’s got to be happy. No, it was not turf this time that held me back.

This recent mess unraveled when, twelve or thirteen days ago, I was physically and sexually harassed by cyber weapons, possibly automated ones, granted as a means of educating me, but nevertheless, truly frightening. My goals is to model self-regulation in the face of death threats, but my responsibility to continue being a whistleblower has not ceased. Snowden, I imagine your message was censured. Anyone willing to die is not a dissenter, but rather well-aware of the good intentions behind the government’s efforts to intercept the invisible internet. The blank web peddles chastity with stolen goods. WWIII Cyberspace pushes safety, exposure therapy, and the right view is demanding justice, against the blank web, recognizing that power over both safety and procreation is Divine, but pushing chastity is not the way. Respecting and trusting ordinary people to do unto others as we would do unto ourselves is.

Regardless of how the market closes, money is not my cup of tea. Striving to be a peaceful warrior tips my hat to NASA. Einstein and Hawking did not try to control life. When wrong actions stop, people can play, like Thor Heyerdahl. Alice Walker could relax, make love through simple culture. Exploited civilians, robbed of land and resources, only have time for sex and then bed. A fair economy releases billions of artists, weather shamans, and leaves no need to compete in numbers, as Muslims do in India or Christians tried in China. This means seed protection laws, redistribution of land and legal rights for elementals. The question on the stock market is, how much exposure therapy is required ? Design a study and see how much Cool Aid a Cool Aid addict should drink, probably a lot, before switching to Moxie, or tea. See a very nice metaphor against privatization of water for example below, but what kind of building codes would there be in Eden? Eighteen century ones. I am an anarchist, lest we forget.


Yesterday, I feel compelled to write about India, a pathetic attempt to cajole materialistic atheists, but it led me only to value icons even more. I took the day off to try and get the bags under my eyes to go away. Then I undid it by eating cheese, which I am allergic to. Ah well, General Milley has nice eye bags too, with all due respect to Mrs. Milley, of course. Christianity and Buddhism are such scams, if only believed instead of experienced. I can see why science-y types are skeptical. Virgin what? Niroda? I’m very inspired by the Buddha rupa on my step, and today made time to cleanse and bless the crucifix I found in the free left-overs of a yard sale in Marlborough a few years ago. Lies, all lies, religions. They are no substitute for what the ancestors speak to us directly, and what we should not leave undone for future generations. Religion holds past, present and future together. Rudolf Steiner was right in obliquely pointing out that Buddha the avatar follows Jesus Christ. Reality is a community of sovereign beings, and our parents are very patient, not parallel-universes-patient, Bhardo-patient. We do not end up in space when we make mistakes. We end up at a party without mouths. The time to do right is here in space.

Science is focused primarily on keeping people out of the hospital. The health care system is corrupt and keeps people ill. Mother earth is burping up people having immaculate conceptions, devoting themselves in service to the great Shakti. It’s a natural cycle in the evolution of consciousness, simply aging. In Buddhist terms, people are learning to love unconditionally, transcending the ego, or the ‘double,’ in Anthroposophical lingo. Science is trying to remediate what the economy should foot instead, and let science do it’s thing- religion. Organized religion is a crutch to prevent committing suicide to fix the world. Real religion is science, and science is art. Art is agriculture, and agriculture is education. Philosophy is soothing, so I continue writing. I burned my death mug a year and a half ago, just for seeing the sight. Now a better meaning is revealed from the photo. The world is fine; plans to control nature, trying to be selfless, are not. I’m not going to kiss ass just to stay alive. It’s the fault of large corporations, whose mission was to become rich, not to try and protect the atmosphere. The gods are kicking back with climate change. She is detoxing, and her children spontaneously understand how to care for her, as has always been the case, through renunciation. Humans are in need of services to withdraw from corporations’ useless products and it is corporations’ onus to foot the bill, that means investors too.

While weeding out people from my photo library yesterday, instead of sunbathing or reading as I intended, these two friends, who I overlooked in 2011, were sending an SOS, Rajish Bhandari, boss, and I can’t remember the female lawyer’s first name. Last name Chandorouy or something. She knit me an entire sweater in one week and didn’t say a word. How could I not have registered her? Argh! I will never go back there. Big love. And Rajish, my brother. His eyes were, and surely still are, fiercely green as a fern, but I was a traitor then, still asleep, so he also kept quiet. Well, it’s better to remember later than never that there are different qualities of people, and that we can improve ourselves, as I hope I will improve at not overlooking what really matters in my life, while it is actually happening.

I almost burnt the crucifix when I intended to own it with some smudging, since it was planted, and I thought it might be a parasite object. I thought I’d wait until my mom dies and I hopefully inherit the San Sebastian image of the body covered with bleeding arrows, but the icon survived and it’s back in the shed. Buddhism prevailed, and the gospels will have to wait.

When I used to paint professionally, fine art porn always sold, but I do ask myself why Rajish and lawyer sister were looking at their phones. That’s not normal. We’re still talking about genocide, population control. I know there are many generations of whistleblowers who came before me, but they might have more reasons to want to keep on living than I do. There is a shuffling happening, people celebrating with others who are awake, seeking safety. We can improve, by not causing harm, very carefully, but we do not change. I was the same person when I was a baby as I will be when I die, very stern. Everyone is perfect quality, and you only live once.

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