No Think Tanks

Given the state of global warming, what is the obligation of the big dots? Staying single, or doing the Ruckshaw, (sp?) tracing this back to the beginning, for as long as it takes, every night. “I think speech,” Rudolf Steiner says. However, think tanks are useless, because healing is all about context. Education of the young, well-rounded education that prepares one to see politics as local, economics as social, and everything as art is what manifests a future which think tanks can only simulate. Not the three fold social order, just common sense. Who thinks they can oblige? No stocks can heal my suffering, when my suffering is caused by hypocrisy, not by you. Honesty does though. These are the emperor’s new clothes. Go ahead and laugh at them, and notice how greasy they are from wiping up their own spillage. Gratitude is the ordinary experience of village life which is were this canceled flight is harbored.

Do you want the ordination picture over my spice shelf? Do you want the photo of the bull fighter with the bull sniffing his hand? Do you want the moon in or out of orbit? That could have caused a lot of landslides. Last I heard, my favorite priest lived in Solola on Lake Atitlan, and if I boycott flying, I could still walk there if needed. But I recall the image in Andre Rublev with the brush cleaner’s eyes gored out. We’re not talking about thinking of yourself as a good and kind person. We’re talking about experiencing that you are. In village life, we talk of bobcats and lynx, porcupines and badgers. It is such a relief when the right thing has been accomplished.

Psychology has taken a turn for the worst. Kelly Brogan might be single. “Instantly, unbelievably, the vast old elephant sank on to his knees, shook its head for a moment, shuddered like a torpedoed ship and rolled slowly on his side to vanish among the tall mealies and the long millet like a gallant destroyer going down into the incorruptible green of the high sea of morning.” Medications are worthwhile, and so are prescribers who have been there. Who had mercy on Ajahn Chah who was allowed to teach with no tongue for ten years after being smitten to a wheelchair? I suspect Rudolf Steiner, who was likely poisoned to death, reincarnated as a virus. Ajahn Chah may be hanging out still, after hearing Rudy say, “Calmly, as if it were the most natural thing in the world, he looked down at Francois and said in his deliberate even voice: ‘You take him, cousin.'” – Laurens Van Der Post from A Story Like the Wind

The reason electronic exposure therapy is not successful at healing the population control schemes of the past is that it produces conceit, which can be overcome, but only with a teacher, hence the full deliverance of humble folk on the ground. While there is no shortcut to being able to think critically, there is no substitute for human forms to alleviate stress. But what about the auras of those affected by the martyrs? Yes, physically the earth may seem uplifted by metta, but what the she wants is not to be uplifted. She is monogamous, and she knows all her children will understand her better by knowing our own hearts. All that is needed for everyone’s star to shine equally as bright is honesty and Time, which can be bought, and good parents, which cannot, at least not from down here. Exposure therapy in person on the other hand is very effective, until we have so little devastation left it will be hard to find a job. Electronic exposure is like condoms, not a bad idea. The real thing is like parents being strict, or arranged marriages, preferably the former. But then what about divorce? That explains everything.

Oh Ye of little faith, do you think they would deprive us of meeting our match in this lifetime? It’s just a matter of dismantling consumer culture. The public internet and tv have tried to replace the synchronicity of every day life, but asking and not knowing the oracle is ours for free. It’s been a nice Saturday lab, nourishment and sacrifice, (worship and fasting), freaking, fearing and knowing. Young and old will be trained the way they intended in heaven.

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