America’s Job

People from “India” may colonize the United States, not only because they are protected by China and Russia for being carriers of healthy bacteria for the climate, but by force of sheer intelligence. America’s biggest problem is health care, of course only speaking in economic terms, and Ayurvedic medicine can help that on a physical level. As a women’s soccer coach was quoted in the Wall Street Journal on Friday, “we’re desperate,” as Biden withdrew troops.

Mental health is the real crisis that caused Biden to leave Afghanistan. The economic battle with China and Russia over the Middle East must be funded somehow, and Biden’s got a problem. The real pandemic is Autism, a disease which originated in the US in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Most mental health diagnoses are derivatives of trauma and addiction. Autism is no different, however ASD is merely PTSD, incurred in heaven, not here on earth. It can be healed with what is called Bipolar Disorder, but this requires some understanding of the phenomena. Psychotropic meds, designed to help manage Bipolar, actually cause a disorder, but the organic electro-magnetic revolutions of energy in matter that cause the ‘BD’ experience is natural and can fix ASD, this very serious epidemic threatening to speak like television around the globe, by making the body a safe place to be. Note- I do advocate for taking medication when one’s normal behavior of sleep becomes disrupted.

India is where the heart is, who comprises a sixth of the world’s population, the deciding factor for the US, unless American can come up with anything worth saving. Why don’t we hear about India in the “Black Lives Matter” movement? Hispanic people would be fine in their own countries, but India is very overpopulated, and the United States would be a suitable gift to people from India, after all the bullshit those kingdoms put up with being unified under Britain, as it is for blacks.

I feel guilty talking about Autism without thanking Dennis Klocek again. I attended a week-long workshop of his on alchemy years ago, which is ABC CBA plus the five elements, and he talked about ASD the entire time. I would add that it’s not just the inner pictures which people with ASD need to learn to manoeuvre; it is the rest of us who need to change the outer pictures, collective material reality, in response to this influx of souls who have chosen to incarnate with this disability. Autism is the result of Silicone Valley, (taken from Dennis). Computer technology was good for American business, to say the least, and the backlash from it will be bankruptcy of the United States government unless Autism is stopped.

Autism is not being able to experience physical pleasure, or not caring to anymore, after having been so comfortable, thanks to electronics in the previous life. Subsequent regret in the afterlife makes physical pleasure seem like a horror show, inducing ASD traits. Statistically, 1 out of 20 young children born in the United States today is on the Autism spectrum. In four years, it will be 1 in 10. Autism is simply dissociation, the second to worse symptom of PTSD, vampirecism being the worst. This should be taken seriously. ASD, when nurtured and understood, is a more sensitive organism, physically and socially. If untreated, someone with ASD risks ejection from the sense world, which would result in ignorance of the divine and of the self, into unchecked hubris, a form of self-defense. The cure for ASD, as stated above, is allowing sensitivity to be what it is, to fluctuate in safety and shun lack thereof. Bipolar is not a disorder, it is human nature. People born with Autism are more sensitive than the rest of us, thus their fluctuations of BD will be even more tempting for them to escape. The more people dissociate from the body, the voice of the Goddess herself speaking to us about the effects of electronic media (light and sound pollution), the more vampires we will get, that means mental patients, which would cause the dollar to collapse.

Would Biden prefer a bunch of people with Bipolar Disorder, which is cured by Buddhism, or a bunch of people with ASD, who will keep getting worse and become financial sinkholes unless the trauma is healed? Vampires are real. We lie a lot and are interested in only one thing: getting attention. Those diagnosed with ASD don’t want attention. They’re still not so far gone. They don’t need it, because they’re not conceited, yet. Autism is another of Nature’s lessons on the laws of karma and reincarnation, and the treatment of mood and thought disorders must be made a priority to learn this lesson well and treat ASD, by regulating media use and production and increasing access to resources and manual tasks. Otherwise, Russia and China would be right to allow India to inhabit this continent. Bipolar experience can cradle Autism curing it with the yoga and meditation of being consciously present. Using this health crisis as an opportunity means as many people as possible doing practical work, so that trauma symptoms such as depression, anxiety, flashbacks, hypervigilance and avoidance can be stable and grounded by the beauty and holiness of ordinary life.

The US and Europe have fallen, and Russia, Africa, Eastern Europe, Mexico, “Central and South America” and Canada are good examples of how sovereign nations allow cultural diversity. India and China are so crowded, it’s hard to have ideal community without breaking into smaller sections, like the “Estados Juntos.”

Why is Buddhism the cure for BD? Buddhism teaches being able to suffer, without wanting another self to walk in one’s shoes. Doing so is the absence of trauma altogether, inhabiting one’s own body as is one’s birthright, regardless of anyone else’s karmas. Vampires are people who channel the energy of the earth and don’t acknowledge that the earth is doing it to them. They think their individual inspiration is freedom(love). But Kundalini is not love, and neither is intelligence. It is the inner world grown agitated. The planets can stabilize one, as it would behoove the people of India to stick to their own traditions and not try and outsmart a stupid nation like Capitalism. Every human is a whole solar system, not depending on others to do their dirty work, a flaw people with ASD sometimes inherit from California.

The best form of birth control is abstinence. Never mind protection. I have a unique path to walk, back through the valley, and if it is over indeed this 5th of September, this was enough. My parents say I was conceived on Martha’s Vinyard, where they saw a huge comet cross the sky over the beach. My grandfather wanted them to name me Ruby, but I got the more abstract name Rachael. Apparently, I need some Bipolar healing as well. “Where’s my wine,” says David Chase, one of the makers of a horror soundtrack I used to play. I don’t drink.

From the Art of War: “Sun Tzu’s realism and moderation form a contrast to Clausewitz’s tendency to emphasize the logical and ideal and ‘the absolute,’ which his disciples caught on to in developing the theory and practice of ‘total war’ beyond all bounds of sense……The need has increase with the development of nuclear weapons, potentially suicidal and genocidal.” -B.H. Liddle Hart

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