Lights and Changing Hues

When I was eight or nine, I saw extra-terrestrial lights in the apple orchard. I watched them for hours, and suspect the beings performing the light show wanted me to open my mind learn how to tell the difference between real encounters and contact, either through imagination or sensation, that is interference to distract activists from our missions. I continuously return to this topic of cyber attacks, because I still feel traumatized by them. I write to try and generate good will, and also to reiterate that there are things which are worth dying for if need be. We can tell the difference between real encounters and fake ones, but only when we know nature well. Honoring nature helps humans use self-restraint when choosing what to manipulate and try and control. The big work is up to the Creators. Trust is earned, so there is peace.

What all humans want is to find a mate. In the face of global warming, there are forces who aim to redirect our reproductive urges in a spiritual direction, a form of birth control that produces less waste. Women are very sensitive to the earth’s cycles, and this kind of sensitivity perpetuates life. Mens’ work is to become sensitive thus, but this does not mean becoming transgender. Men can be sensitive, period, without taking the liberty to alter the body given to him. Same in reverse. In the end, partnership is having a best friend. It is not up to humans to keep the earth alive through sex, but through aesthetic perception and meaning making. We are not God. We are all children of God and the Great Mother. It’s easy to understand why lesbian couples are so happy. The trend of being trans is perhaps a reflection of men becoming more sensitive and women becoming more confident, creative and independent. Despite queer lifestyle being socially acceptable in the “west,” there are parts we long to play, as physical males and females, which anchor the conventional reality that we and others perceive in a reverent, stable and wholesome way, not being blinded by cultures which rise and fall in the fro of personal self-discovery and self expansion.

Woman are not men. There is a difference between being male or female, biologically as well as vitally. While it is men’s challenge to get in touch with their feelings and be moral stewards of the land, women must learn to think rationally. This is not overcoming hormones but embracing and learning from them, seeing them for what they are. Otherwise men will grow bored and seek male friends or other distractions rather than hanging out with their mates. Human mating is not like a double helix that perpetuates life for our species. That mysterious current which is driven by karma desiring planet earth to survive is in the hands of the divine. Humans’ task is to be an individual, not a God, and to care for nature, leaving it not better or worse than we found it, but living in harmony and alignment with the earth’s beauty, challenges and cycles. In terms of partnership, friendship, sex and self-expression, I am not in a position to tell anyone what to do. I am speaking about the hearts deepest desire, to what people really want truly, on a more profound level than doubt, trauma and guilt, something very simple, archetypal and collaborative, not competetive. It’s boring to be straightedge, and it’s hard if coming off a bender. Being straightedge is the healthy and right way to be.

All cinema, most literature and all of human activity is driven by sex. I’m not the only one with a one track mind. Acknowledging lived experience will help us be wiser and more humane regarding the sacred nature of sexual intimacy and interpersonal agreements. The way we conceive of the natural world keeps the natural world alive, and when we observe the natural world closely, we notice not just random sex, or even monogamous sex. Nature shows us relationship that is holy, that is patient, that heals tensions of like and dislike through brotherly love/interest, protecting the arousal, disappearance and decay of sexuality in hearty community life. Nature shows us the discomfort of togetherness in context, which is much more continuous than artificial versions of sex peddled by our civilizations run amuck who treat sex as a preference that can be turned on and off at whim.

One could call me a chauvinist for saying men are lights and women are their shadows, but this is not my opinion. It is what I have observed as a therapist working with families in a community mental health agency for the past four years, the well-being of my clients, all minors, being my priority. Men’s light is fading into more uncertainty as women are becoming better educated and able to take on intellectual roles in society. That does not negate gender archetypes, men being the inspiration, and women being the muse who must comprehend their partner’s wishes. We are not on earth to shine, nor to change things. We are here to abide in not knowing, and beseech God for clarity.

There is nothing else to keep with earth on its axis then proper understanding of gender and sexuality, that of the divine. People may pretend to be interested in all sorts of things like politics, entertainment, friends and such, but it is all an attempt to impress one’s partner, attract the best mate or enjoy life together having found one. It is not only because men regret have abused women that they are becoming more sensitive now. Likewise, it is not because women are free to make more independent choices that behavior of women changing like the hues of a concert hall strobe light. It is Mother Earth who changes, matter. Darkness is only dark. It is light which reaches towards the darkness. God is clear and reaches for nothing. There is hormonal imbalance threatening the natural order of things, which surely was an accident but must be set straight. Being a whole, sovereign human being, in solitude, not trying to survive off someone else’s energy is the destiny of every person, and only embracing our sovereign mysterious life can the kind of partner be attracted into our sphere who can generate something like a sacred vessel mirroring the Gods.

Without love for nature and faith of some form or another, humans are indeed a pest, and I can understand the anxiety of the cyber designers. Man is nurse, commander and guide, from doubt into living in a balanced way, on an archetypal level, as woman is adventurer, witness and seer. Without a trustworthy mate, faith in God, or conscience for atheists, can suffice. Aching in this silence, we may become hard on ourselves, unable to live up to the ideals of sacred masculine and feminine, but the sacred already exists and rules. The Covid 19 pandemic is a test to help people move from being stuck, in the shame and perfectionism of the past, onto the ground. This should not be done artificially by patching sexually attractive people’s energy into potential grassroots soldiers’ auras. Such pushing of the changing hues of day and night, from ambition into reception, is unethical. There is no need for global control, an artificial transition, albeit for environmental purposes, but without people’s permission. Mind control, moving humanity away from being grounded in choice and personal enthusiasm will have a backlash worse then the problem of overpopulation and ecological crisis face now. Addictive consumption is hard to shake. The solution does not involve coercion. Everyone loves Nature and can remember moments of divine intervention, however ordinary, yet precious. When we cling to the radio station of love for Nature, all frequencies lead to honesty, infallibly, and hence to people finding their tribe, family, the old fashioned way. We must remember a time when we were genuinely happy, with others, at a certain place in time and downsize to that.

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