Baby Fat

Dieting is an interesting topic to many westerners, but what does that even mean? Why am I allergic to milk? Must I be ok with eating meat? We are not animals here. Perhaps all dairy products should be banned. Better still….It would be a good day to fast, but it’s migration time again. The seasons are changing, and and there is a way for everyone to make it, even with baby fat, to the end of a well-lived life. My ancestors were Italian. Now Italians think they’re locals. Our white bodies do the only thing it knows how to do with lack of restitution. It makes phlegm. White people have not been slaves, like many other races on earth, but the bad karma piled up after so many centuries of exploitation makes for very poor leaders. What is a healthy diet of power for humanity?

We know poverty is linked to criminality and trauma, so that is why we have so much junk food. Junk food is the attempt of white people to hide their own degenerating systems due to existential guilt. But whose karma is whose? Who’s to say I was not black in a past life, or Indian, or Mayan or Navajo? Are men to blame for beef jerky? Are women to blame for twisted teas? Every person is unique, and it is up to each of us to recognize there are more powerful beings that humans running the show.

At best, we are stand-up comedians between the eras of biological evolution. Seeing ourselves as unique independent people might open the gate to online dating or long-distance relationships. Shamanic gardening is fine, as long as it is an individual practice of being mindful of the ecosystem as it is. Definitely is not maybe. Anyone still reading love letters may not understand what I am saying, while I do. There is no threat to the fat man who has lived and loved enough. We are babies, not slaves, parented by farmers, here only to learn how to apologize and repent. There is no price for these blues. Making a meal is not just to get to work, to show up for our loved ones, to get that bathing suit body back. Some of us simply marvel at creation. We eat dreams. Our own dreams, not theirs, and we dream of withdrawal. Superior beings, gut bacteria, fungi and molds, are here to encourage us to learn from our own experience, focus on perception over appearances and to be sensitive to subjective emotions. There will be time for giving thanks and praise later. It’s up to us to make exile Eden now.

Objective truth is a collective matter. The word of the day is monogamous climate control, but humans do not have the right to broadcasting bosses to fast forward awakening. That creates an epidemic of mass suicide. How is that ethical? It’s not hard to trust minerals, plants, animals, insects, molds, parasites and viruses. The only thing we fear is being judged, and who is more judgmental than myself? The natural order of things tells the truth which is that everyone is fine. Life gives us what we need, so we can make amends with all the people with whom we have disease. The only things which cannot be trusted are devices. They are designed to induce massiah complexes in people and then catch them when they fall. It will not work, because when they come down they will be unloved, and that is worse than global climate collapse. Awakening is Her art and her craft.

Learning to discern what others are really trying to say is the only way to draw a shade on the swarms of robots within when we need a little privacy. The reproductive pathways, the circulatory, endocrine, digestive and nervous systems are all spiked with imposters, but we can learn from pigging out on junk food too, and there is freedom here. There is a date, a blank slate, an invitation and a brush. The invitation is titled Key to the Kingdom. Better people than us may take the bait, because it belongs to them.

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