Intentional action and apologizing

The Middle Way for me is blogging. On the other side is politics and on the other side is rest, which would surely drive me even more loony than I feel already, and that would not be good as I already appear below talking into a banana. It is never a good time for volitional action. Take this blog for example. Every time I open my mouth to speak, I regret having said anything, so you can imagine how humiliated I feel writing things down and furthermore posting them publicly. I don’t even edit the posts, and I am often not in a balanced mood when I write them. That’s not too surprising. How often are you in a balanced mood?

I have received complaints about the blog recently, so I wish to apologize if I have offended you, the Reader, in any way. Any tiny trespass, the littlest bit, would give me great cause for remorse. I also seek mercy from my own body for the stress I go through trying to ponder issues I know many people think about but don’t often write about or even talk about, in the midst of my many responsibilities. Consider this an improvisation of science fiction, a glimpse into the mind of a confused human being who has nothing to lose, as long as I don’t lose my job, of course!

I do fear being fired, but a therapist being crazy is not uncommon, believe me, even a therapist questioning their very profession. Would it be good for bankers to question the integrity of their field, or pharmacists, or IMF agents or grocers? Careers which need less questioning are the crafts. They are governed by ultimate truth, the material world, while the service industry and psychological vocations are contrived by humans. I believe many people would like to live much more in alignment with their teachers and elders. It is not fear of being fired, nor fear of going to jail that stops people. It is speed. Not greed. Just the speed of life.

The elders, those alive and those already passed, and of course to be reborn, are the ones whose volition humans could benefit from contemplating at this collective transit between Venus and Saturn going direct. It is up to each of us to envision the future, though I struggle to do so. That is why I am still trying to blend in with the scenery. Out of my need to learn, I wear many hats, though I would prefer to be able to wear whatever whenever wherever. This is a time like any time, and the ancestors know to guide us to the right place at the right time.

Swinging low is a chariot of angels, an agenda to blast people through electronic frequency to heal their bodies to enact climate change, but the only way climate really responds is according to the divine laws of causality. That is, love, personal love, for the earth, for mystery, for individual quest. This cannot be willed by other people, for every man if for himself. So, I am hypocritical showing up here in the online forum. Am I being made into a rapist, by my interest in what is happening to my fellow man? Simply by owning electronic devices, I am being effected, but my sorrow turning a blind eye beckons me into the chaos. I must have sins from the past yet to redeem. Yes, the desire for power, the craving for immortality, the hubris of thinking I have mastery over anything physical. These are sins, which, when they give rise to voluntary action, case a disconnect from ever-present rich, moist, decaying, dusty, burgeoning glory. I do not wish to weep before the Lord for any voluntary sin. I used to believe that justice made a difference, but it is all in the cards, which none of us serve.

God is able to accept, process and pass whither and about everything, because that is the way it should be, but nature must not be tarnished in any way except by his hands alone, while we, diverse forgettings of their pact, can seek to be her hands, which devotedly give thanks for heaven’s protection.

How about letting people be shamans instead of rapists?
The purpose of civilization is to cultivate anarchy, a justice system devoid of harm.
Religion is the rise of harmlessness.

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