The primary practice of Together To Get Her is to become conscious that we are connected to all of life in each moment. This connection is the source of freedom, true happiness and also unspeakable pain. When embracing being a vessel of the universal, rather than resisting it or trying to escape it, the pain and discomfort that underlies our experience, transforms into strength, love and compassion. Many ailments are misdiagnosed because the bond every human has with the planet and other beings is ignored. By cultivating our subjective experience of the big picture with awareness, the disorder of believing we are separate can be soothed by the power of being awake and interconnected.

Ailments are invitations for us to discover and harmonize with our true nature. Physical, emotional and mental dis-ease is nature’s way of becoming us towards peace and happiness. It is hard work to align our intentions, our desires and our actions, to free ourselves from habits that do not reflect what we are devoted to. It helps to have another’s help investigating what to cultivate and what to let go of along the journey, and Biography work with Asra is one way of dedicating time and space to this inner work. Ultimately each person, in each moment, is unique, with a heart to guide the way. Biography work is a phenomenological approach to connecting to the innate teacher/healer within.

It comes down to how we are with constant change.

Version 2

Asra Zahn is a Masters Level Mental Health Clinician and a Candidate for Licensure in the State of NH. She is also a certified Biographer through the Center for Biography and Social Art in Spring Valley NY. Her past experience includes working with children, adolescents and adults in schools, substance-abuse rehab, and residential and outpatient therapy programs. Her theoretical orientation draws from Relational, Contemplative, Existential and Expressive Therapies and Anthroposophy, the work of Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner.

Contact Asra at:


Sliding scale (starting donation $40/hr)

Location: Together To Get Her Studios in Lyndeborough NH, or via Skype



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