Learn Technique or Explore Creativity as a Spiritual Practice

What is creativity asking of you? To improve your technical skills, share with a group, or cultivate creativity as a lifestyle? Whether you wish to explore the arts by honing your capacity of observation or through exploring what arises, I can customize the the process to you. In the face of nature, what is worthy of art? What could we possibly add? Indigenous people know that even the great masterpiece of creation needs to be renewed with interest, understanding and diligence. When we surrender and accept that we are all artists, our craft never stops, it becomes necessary to have a guide and noble friends, lest we loose our way. The more I attend to my own art instructors, the more the final product falls away and the creativity of collaborating in constant artistry embraces me. Art has nothing to do with pop culture. It is a qualitative science of investigating what is as well as a form of prayer.

I have been a practicing artist all my life and avoided the art world as best I could. Artists are political and spiritual leaders of society, and to seek power over others does not befit these roles. Self-expression is everyone’s equal right. I was a portrait artist at festivals in Europe during my early 20s before returning to the States when I started an art program at Hampshire Country School in Rindge NH, a boarding school for boys with unique social and behavioral needs. I am a trained Waldorf High School Art Teacher, and taught painting, drawing, print-making, weaving, ant batik at High Mowing School for four years. I have also taught art in therapeutic settings with children, adolescents and adults. I have branched out from visual art into agriculture, writing, playing music and construction work, since it behooves the individual to cultivate beginner’s mind rather than specialize in one’s gifted areas. I teach impressionist and expressionist drawing and painting, portraiture, journaling, Renaissance-style portraiture and landscape oils. My main passion lies in helping others find peace with their own creative process, overcome “artist’s block,” and integrating the practice into everyday life.

Mediums taught include:

watercolor painting

oil painting

encaustic painting

acrylic painting

chalk pastel

charcoal drawing



Individual Sessions

Interested in learning technique, exploring the creative process, or seeing how art can be a path of higher education, contemplation and healing?

50 min class-$40

90 minute class-$60

Or Get some friends together to form a group. 

Group Class-2 hours-$40/each, minimum of 3 people

Landscape classes meet in beautiful places outside. All other classes take place at Together To Get Her Studio in Lyndeborough NH. Sessions may be held virtually as well.


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