Biography Work

I am not the center of the universe. We are humans being in spiritual community.

Biography Work is understanding the universal phenomena of the conditioning process. Taking a step back to see our life story, we see a much bigger story,  not “history” the way we  may have been told in school, but a relational sphere, or spheres, where our self finds itself through giving and receiving with  others in a river of change. Noting what really matters along life’s path, plus observing this new perspective, can change our values, even our concerns about death. We must be aware of our experience before we can release our biases. As we realize the lawfulness of subjectivity, we find everything has some message, but who is the “speaker” giving the message? Biography Work is the practice of inquiring about the true nature of the energies informing us. This way, by caring very deeply about what resonates personally for us, we live more and more in tune with collective evolution. Each moment is a portal, not only for awareness to transcend the incarnation process, but also, when the time is right, to pair down, tend to the small details and transform it. Inner and outer life contains a mystical code far wiser than our infantile minds. Sometimes we are given a glimpse of what symbols really point to. More often, we just have to wait. Memory is not insight. Biography Work cultivates the ability to remain connected, even when no insights come, simply by paying attention to the time we all live in and asking how we should play a part, even if that means doing nothing. Together we can decipher the hidden script, since there is any such thing as truth. It is the open secret entirely woven of heart strings. Hence the term Biography Work, not autobiography work. Biography Work is the contemplative study, best done in community, of encounters along life’s path, the weaving of life which is relationship.

Honoring conditions is not dissolving one’s ego in a sea of other wills. The ego has a job to do, as a vessel of qualities maintaining a physical body. There are many benevolent forces who bless us to seize this short opportunity on earth, and be who we are! The more we follow our bliss and cherish the goodness within us, the more grateful we become to all who made us how we are right now, and the more we can take an interest in what others have to offer. Investigating one’s past thus far, it becomes clear that there are adversarial forces at work, but those forces thankfully are equally spread out among us, so nobody has to be the bad guy. Artistic, meditative, and structured conversational exercises can elucidate what streams in our lives we wish to follow and which to abandon. Being part of a biography session or biography group itself is an important life event, because there is obviously much auspicious karmic power which would lead someone to be so blessed to even hear about such a gathering. The “other”  cannot lead us to self-understanding, but we can accompany each other while we are on this quest with compassion. This clarity, to move from auto to bio, biting the bullet of willingness, is passed on to future generations, but we need support. We can invent meaning for our life story, but that’s not what others see. Biography Work improves the coherence between the values we idealize and the effect we actually have.

Biography Work does not require a problem to be healed. It is listening to and caring for our diverse nature, behind the veil of concepts, desires and aversions. If you are reading this, likely this is already happening for you all the time. Biography Work is a sprout (among many with different names) of a new way of interacting, both physically and psychically, freeing personal and social life from ignorance. Social conventions have become tangled up in flawed inventions, but there is a part of us that is always untangled, in all of us. We are here, alive and able to choose. Making sure there is time in your life to honor this reality is a good thing to do. Life is an initiation, and Biography Work is one name for the decision to undergo it as such.

Asra offers individual Biography Work sessions, short term or on-going. Sliding scale starting at $40/hr. You may call 603-769-9453 for free consultation to discuss goals or ask questions. Also, you are most welcome to join the Biography group, “Planned Ancestor-hood” meeting on Thursday nights at Together Together Studios from 7-8:30pm.

Event Archive:

Monday Night Biography Workshops 

at “Together To Get Her” Studios

Asra Zahn is a certified Biography Worker through the Center for Biography and Social Art. Learn more


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