Biography Work

What is Biography Work?

Biography Work is the practice of exploring the universal phenomena of the conditioning process. Taking a step back from the personal story, we see the bigger picture and the part we play in relationship with it. We use the lens of our own experience to surrender our biases and view from various perspectives. Each moment in one’s biography is a portal, not only for awareness to be aware of the entire environment and transcend the incarnation process, but also to transform it, pair down and tend to the small details. Everything is constantly new, letting us know it’s true nature. Inner and outer life contains a mystical code far wiser than our infantile minds. With the help of others, sometimes we are given a glimpse of what symbols really point to. Together we can decipher the hidden script, since the open secret is entirely woven of heart strings. Hence the term biography work, not autobiography work. Biography work is the contemplative study of encounters along life’s path, the spark that leavens the dough of body and mind and gives life purpose.

Seeing the conditioned world for what it is, we not only free ourselves from it; we learn to respect it, love it, and free it as well,. The conditioned world is not under our dominion. It has a will of its own. It is possible to discern the intention, the “will,” within all forms and to recognize that what is revealed through the “other” is in fact a broadening of one’s own self-understanding. Such seeing beyond the limits of “me and mine,” both allows for greater happiness and also serves a communal purpose: preserving the happiness of others makes us happy as well. This clarity, to move from auto to bio, biting the bullet of willingness, is passed on to future generations. We are in control of the meaning we make our of life story, but not what others see. This truth moves us beyond jealousy into celebration with others. Rather than trespassing like vampires due to fear of death, we humbly reflect the values of our ancestors, like drumbeats, maintaining our mutual dependence and respect for each other.

Biography work does not require a problem to be healed. It is a deep listening to the health that is already present, behind the veil of concepts, desires and aversions. Contemplating this interplay between the known and what lies beyond encompassing everyone. Life is an initiation, and biography work is the decision to take it up as such.

Asra offers individual biography work sessions, short term or on-going. Sliding scale starting at $40/hr. You may call Asra at 603-769-9453 for free consultation to discuss goals or ask questions. Also, you are most welcome to join the Biography group, “Planned Ancestor-hood” meeting on Thursday nights at Together Together Studios from 7-8:30pm.


Planned Ancestorhood (“The Afterlife” blog post)


Event Archive:

Monday Night Biography Workshops 

at “Together To Get Her” Studios

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Solstice Celebration and Grand Opening- Saturday June 22nd 2019

Aligning with Life -Saturday October 27th 2018

Asra Zahn is a certified Biography Worker through the Center for Biography and Social Art. Learn more

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